22 Min Hard Corp

I just started the 22 Min Hard Corp Program in April 2016! I was so excited that Tony Horton launched this program!

Not going to lie, I was very hesitant at first! I mean, how could I get a good workout in, in 22 Minutes!? So I decided to try it out on Beachbody on Demand before I made my purchase :) I wouldn't want to buy a program that wouldn't work for me!

:::What I love about this program:::

22 Minute Workouts! Seriously, there is NO excuse!! All you need is 22 minutes, 1% of your Day

Meal Plan: This program comes with Autumn's 21 Day Fix color containers that help control portions! All the recipes tell you exactly what to eat and how many containers and colors you are eating in each meal :)

Cardio: I am the person that needs to sweat to make me feel like I got a good workout in! The cardio in this program is no joke! 

Resistance: These workouts work your entire body! Your booty, arms, legs, back, EVERYTHING! I love them because they are quick and you are done! 

Real Vets! This program is done with REAL military vets motivating you through the workout! Think about the sacrifice these men and women make to serve our country, how come we have a hard time sacrificing 22 Minutes!?

Core workouts! 2 AWESOME core workouts that are 11-12 minutes long! Perfect add on to the Cardio workouts and even combined this workout is still 32 minutes! 

Free 22 Min T-shirt with the completion of the program! Just send in your results and Beachbody will reward you! 

Results to come :) 
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  1. You look fabulous and I feel so inspired! I'm considering giving hard corps a try (yet I can't even handle my Jillian Michaels). It's more motivating when you know someone personally who has benefited from a diet or workout plan. Thank you!