Core De Force

This is the NEWEST Beachbody program!

Its a program focusing on sculpting the CORE through MMA fighting style workout! The workouts last anywhere from 16-47 minutes! 

One thing I LOVE about this program is it really doesn't feel like a workout! My mind isn't focused on how much I am sweating, or how much I am hurting, is focused on the next set of moves! I also love the variety, I NEVER get bored! 

How long is Core De Force
Its a 30 day program 

What equipment is needed
None, although an agility ladder is useful for the agility workout which can be found online at Beachbody or at your local Walmart! 

Who is the program for?      
Anyone! It can be done by any fitness level! There is a great modifier for those who are just beginning and also GREAT for those who want to sculpt their back and core! 

What does the challenge
pack include?                         
It includes 12 workouts, FREE Beachbody on Demand 30 day trial, workout calendar, nutrition plan, 2 bonus core workouts, and your  choice of Shakeology or the workout Performance Line, and ALL of my accountability groups! 

For more information of what each workout is like click here

My results are to come :) 

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