Hammer and Chisel

This is a 60 day program made by TWO of my favorite trainers! Sagi Kalev from Body Beast and Autumn Calabrese from 21 Day Fix! This program is AWESOME if you are looking to TONE and lose some weight! Its combined cardio, endurance, and strength :)

:::What you will Need:::

Shakeology to maximize your results

Strength Bands or a Pull up Bar


:::What I love about this Program:::

The variety of workouts! 12+ workouts! You can never get bored and your muscles can never plateau because you are ALWAYS changing things up! For the most part you switch trainers every day :) 

Meal Plan: Combine these two trainers and their meals with Autumn's portion control containers and BAM! You have some delicious recipes and nutrition to follow! 

The workouts varied between 25 min to 40 min :) It is so much more efficient then going to the gym and wasting time by walking around searching for a machine. Its 40min MAX and you are DONE

You can do EVERYTHING from your home :) 

Both trainers include great CORE workouts! Get those abs in shape with the workout AND with their exclusive CORE workouts! 

My Final Results!! 

Loss of 17 INCHES!!! Loss of 8lbs :) Not a huge WEIGHT LOSS but these pics speak for themselves and are PROOF that muscle weighs more than FAT

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