I get it, I was skeptical as well! It actually took me 3 months to finally say YES to this delicious drink! My coach kept asking, and asking, and asking, and I truly didn't think it would A) Work or B) Be worth the price!

So I decided I would purchase it for ONE month. Why not give it a shot. At the end of the month she told me I could return it for a FULL refund, even on an EMPTY bag! That's how much this company believes in their product!

So I tried it for ONE month! Totally expecting to return the bag but the results were AMAZING! Shakeo has helped me in the following ways:

Stay Regular
Lower my Blood Pressure
Stops my Sugar Cravings
Keeps me full
Provides me with my daily dose of vitamins from ALL superfood natural ingredients

Curious about any ingredients? Check out some more information about them below!
Flax Seed and Quinoa Seed

Here are some of my favorite Recipes :)

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