Monday, March 30, 2015

Self Worth - Single Girl Diaries

Hey all! Or should I say y'all since I am 8 months into my life here in Texas! I have missed my blogger friends and blogger world but sometimes you just need a break :) 

Not a break from everyone, but a re-priortize of what is meaningful in your life. 

Since I have come to the conclusion I have prioritized everything correctly now, I am back and ready to read/write! I am starting off my first post back with The Path of the Single Girl :) Lets just say I have had a lot of experience the past few months to come up with some great posts! 

Self- Worth: 

A woman is a beautiful creation. Woman are beautiful, emotional, nurturing, encouraging, self-sacrificing, and always willing to love. Woman are to be treasured. 

Society tells us otherwise. Society tells us a women are disposable. That they are sexy for a minute, but also replaceable. Anyone can be sexy. Anyone can put on make-up and short dress and become a sex-symbol. 

It takes a real woman to know her worth. To know that she is someone special. To know she deserves to be a priority not an option. An option can be disposed, an option can be convenient, an option can be put on the back-burner. An option doesn't require attention or love. It doesn't require a sacrifice. 

Be a priority  Don't sell yourself short to be any mans half-time, down-time, spare-time or sometimes. 

God created woman to be treasured. To be loved and respected. God created woman to be beautiful, intelligent, inspiring. He gave each woman worth. It is not up to the man to decided your worth, its up to you. What are you worth? An option or a priority? 

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Erica Ashley