Wednesday, April 30, 2014


My ability to wake up in the morning has gone from bad to worse. I think I use sleep at least 3-4 times every morning...such a bad habit!

Lucky for me I am only have 1 more morning to wake up before the crack of dawn until I am on my way to Hilton Head! I AM SO EXCITED!

Last vacation I went on was over 2 years ago to the Bahamas with my sorority sisters :)

This Vah-Kay-Shun is the last family one before my sisters get tied down to their significant others (which I am super excited about)! My brave Dad is driving down in a rented Minnie Van (yes we rent a Minnie van for vacations, family tradition) with 4 grown women (good luck to him).

So where are some good places I must go to when I am down there!? I have never been!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Path of the Single

It has definitely been awhile! I miss you all and I am so happy to be back. 

Sometimes you just need a break from things to focus on what truly matters in your life. I was in search of finding some special topic to blog about and after much consideration I feel like God has placed a special topic on my heart, the life of being single.

See I am kind of a pro :) 24 and SUPER single, like no one even a mile away in sight single. And although this is a huge struggle for me, it is something I want to share with everyone. The path that a single girl takes. 

There are so many books out there of being single but they all focus on "How to find your future husband" or "10 things to change your single status" but none of those books really focus on the positives of singleness. So thats what I want to do here. I want to talk about all the ups, the downs, the struggles, and the really cool things that all you married couples don't get to do. I would love to have some guests single and married if they want to speak on this topic and I am open to talk about EVERYTHING. So if you have any ideas please share :) 

Since this is opening day for The Path of the Single Girl lets start off with all the the positives and negatives! 

Things that are great:

* You can do whatever you want whenever you want
* You don't have to ask someone if you can go do something
* When making big life decisions you only have yourself to consider
* The opportunities to travel are endless
* Financially, there is only one mouth to feed…its cheap
* I am sure there are others but I can't think of any

Things that suck:

* Being alone
* When you want to cuddle you can't 
* Getting envelopes to all your friends weddings addressed to you and guest..awkward
* The awkward moment at couples night…
* Or the awkward couples dances at weddings
* Or the awkward look you get when you tell others you are 24 and single 

lol these are just for fun, but still kind of true! So what about all you single ladies out there!? What are the best and worst things!? And how about all you married or engaged ladies!? What do you miss about being single and what are you happy about that you no longer have to encounter :) 

I truly have missed all you blogging buddies out there :) I am happy to be back!