Sunday, July 16, 2017

My life actually changed forever.....from food.

I set my alarm. I drank my energizer. I got it done! Week One and DAY one of our new program the Shift Shop!
I am SO excited to start this group and to get back into a routine! Seriously, after the honeymoon I have had a hard time of getting back into my groove! As you can see by all the delicious food I ate below! Haha! 

Since I am following a strict nutrition plan, STILL SUPER YUMMY FOOD but no room for donuts or desserts the next 3 weeks, I decided to have two cheat meals this weekend! Breakfast Saturday and lunch on Sunday! 

We have loved exploring our new home and found this little gem hidden right downtown! Its easy to judge our small little town as a "dump" with nothing to offer, but after exploring we found that this town is quaint and actually quite beautiful, especially the farther from Post you get :) 


This little cafe has become my new favorite! If you know me, you know my relationship with donuts is unhealthy. I don't know what it is about that fried piece of bread but it truly speaks to my heart (and hips). Well this place has the BEST donut I truly have ever had in my life! I started off with a plain glaze that blew my mind! Saturday morning we got there early to head to the farmers market across the street and I couldn't even take a photo of the coconut glaze donut because I inhaled it so quickly! Maybe next time! 

Sunday after church we followed our YELP list and found this cute Italian cafe right downtown KS! We started with a house sparkle (Prosecco and house made limoncello). We then had the variety crostini followed by the best sandwich I have ever come across! It is house made Pastrami that is smoked with house made sauerkraut! I was blow away by this sandwich but the real life changing moment was about to happen....



You see up to this point in my life I was in a very serious relationship with the Chocolate Creme Brûlée from Bonefish Grill. Until the first spoonful of this Chocolate Budino! You guys.....a life altering experience!!! 


It was like a bowl of chocolate fudge. I kinda teared up, I kinda felt like I was cheating on C who was sitting across from wondering why I could no longer wanted to speak with him for the next 10 min, and I called it quits with the Brûlée! 

So yeah, I ate like a pig this weekend! Mostly because I knew these next three weeks its GAME ON! 

I can't wait to share my results, my struggles, and my success with you all! Until then, I shall dream of the donuts and Budino for the next 3 weeks! My normal 80/20 rule is off to the side for the next 3 weeks and its just me and Chris getting down in my home gym! I kinda hate him already! 


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Feta Bruschetta Dip

It's recipe Wednesday and I have a GREAT healthy option for you to bring to your next outdoor BBQ or even wine night!

This past weekend C and I went to go meet our neighbors at a neighborhood BBQ! It was so awesome to get to know some people in KS! One of the best parts is that I am now 10 houses away from my blogging friend who was also the host of the BBQ! 

I decided to make a healthier option but still delicious! BBQ are all about the meet, the beverages, and there are always your creamy potato salads or slaw and can really make your calorie intake high! So here is a great lighter alternative! 

1 1/2 cups Feta Cheese
6-8 Roma Tomatoes 
4 Green Onions 
1 Lemon

1. Dice the Roma tomatoes into small pieces. Also chop the 4 green onion stalks.
2. Combine tomatoes, green onion, and feta cheese in a bowl 
3. Chop up about 1/2 cup of cilantro and add to the bowl
4. Top off with 1/2 lemon squeezed and a dash of salt and mix all together
5. Serve with any type of bread or cracker you wish :) 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Coming in ONE WEEK

Happy Monday all!! What an awesome weekend spent with our brand new neighbors and exploring Kansas City!

Most importantly, I am SO pumped for the launch of my July accountability group because I have a brand new program to introduce! Its quick, you get results, and its the perfect way to head into August and finish the summer strong!!

This program is a SHIFT!! It is ALL about what I represent, a shift in your Body. Mind. Soul. This 3 week program will shift you physically to get results, mentally to push yourself, and in your soul by completing something you started!

Who is this program for? 
Everyone at ALL fitness levels! You can follow right alongside of Chris where he will model EVERY move, or follow along with the modifier where all moves will be modeled for you! This is the best program where the modifier will show you exactly what to do! 

What are the workouts like?
Chris Downing’s breakthrough program starts you off slow, with 25-minute workouts you can really do in Week 1. Then, just as your body adapts, he increases the workout length to 35 minutes in Week 2. Finally, when your body is primed and ready for its most signi cant results, he increases the workout length again—to 45 minutes in Week 3. 

What does it come with?
All workouts and workout guide to tell you EXACTLY what workout to do on each day, a meal plan and preparation guide full of recipes and a calendar to follow, portion control containers to help you stick with the meal plan, Shakeology (your daily dose of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants) to help you maximize your results, me as your coach! I will add you to my accountability group to ensure that you STICK with your program for 3 weeks and get the best results you can! 

My results will be coming end of August 2017!! Check out my fellow coaches below! 




If you are interested, or want to know more, or maybe don't have a clue what I am talking about but you would like to be held accountable to a  workout check out the event for my next accountability group or let me know how I can help! It's what I am here for :) Enjoy your week everyone! 

Monday, July 3, 2017

S'more desserts please

Hi. I'm Erica and I LOVE food!! I love all sorts, from all different countries, and all different flavors!

That's one thing I LOVE about C! Is that he loves food as much as I do! We love trying new places to eat, love eating foods from different cultures, and we both LOOOOVVVVEEE sweets!


On our honeymoon, we basically ate our way through the resort! From delicious eggs Benedict breakfast with homemade pastries (the chocolate one is the BEST!), to a HUGE award winning cheeseburger at lunch! Then there was snack time! Lol yes, they left a snack box in our room every day around 2pm for us to snack on! 

Oh and the desserts!! They were AMAZING!! Banana Splits, Tiramisu, homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Let's not forget about dinner!! 4 course meal every. single. night! Plus all the delicious drinks! I think by the time we left we each gained at least 5lbs! No joke! 

To get to dinner you have to walk two flights of stairs. Night one, no problem at all! Last night, couldn't breath! hahaha

The point is we love food and we enjoyed every moment of our honeymoon! However, I can't KEEP eating like this! So after the fourth of July and I splurge and multiple s'mores I am hosting a 5 day online group! No sweets for 5 days and learning about healthier sugar/sweet alternatives!! 

I could REALLY use the support! So if you want to join me and go 5 days with no sugar to detox yourself from the holiday weekend or just summer treats in general, if you want to support the ladies who are participating, or if you want to learn more about how sugar effects the body and what we can do to still have sweets but make them healthier, click the link here or comment on my post! 

Click here for more info

I hope you ALL enjoy your holiday weekend! Having some cheat meals once in awhile is totally fine so don't feel guilty! But when your ready to commit and be held accountable let me know! I could use your help!!

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Flash of Friday

Linking up with a few ladies today to bring up some of my top 5 favorite things of the week!!

1. Honeymoon
I will definitely make a post next week recapping our wedding and honeymoon but Monday was our last day in Saint Lucia! I didn't want to leave!! The honeymoon was true perfection and one of my favorite memories I get to bring with us as C and I start life together 


2. Wedding Photos 
C and I spent a couple hours yesterday reliving the big day! Our photos just had come in and they are amazing!! I can't wait to share with you all!! 


3. Kansas City BBQ 
We just arrived in our new hometown this week and we can't get enough of the BBQ here!! C and I both agree that KS truly has some of the best BBQ and best sauces! I definitely need to watch myself before I indulge too much! 


4. Shift Shop 
I am preparing so much for my biggest accountability group yet! If this is your first time to my blog you should know I have a passion for health and fitness and helping people reach their own goals! Well after indulging at our honeymoon (I ate everything in sight and I'm 100%oksy with that) and probably sneaking some s'mores this holiday weekend, I am ready to commit to our newest program!! Check out details here :) 


5. Family 
Weddings are emotional! It was a huge reminder to me just how thankful I am that God blessed me with some amazing parents and siblings! I was the last of my family to get married, all girls! My mom and dad have a tradition where they write a letter to us the night before our wedding! Tear jerker!!! They truly have done more for me than I could ever dream of and everyone went above and beyond to make the day special! Seriously, I LOVE these people! We all live in different states now but I can't wait till we are all together again! 

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lemon Parmesan Chicken

This is one of my FAVEORITE summer dishes!! Is extremely refreshing! The best way I describe it, is that it taste like summer!

The lemon bings such a refreshing taste, the greens absorb the citrus, and the chicken is the perfect protein!! 

4 Chicken Breast (pounded) 
Spinich/Arugala (any green) 
1 1/2 cup Almond Flour 
2 eggs 
1 cup parmeaean 
4 lemons 
1 cup olive oil 

1. Pound all 4 chicken breast until they are thin, about a half inch thickness is good 
2. In one bowl mix the almond flour, Parmesan, and salt; the second bowl scramble the eggs
3. Cost each piece of chicken in egg then in to the flour mixture. Let excess egg drip from chicken before placing in the flour mixture! 
4. There are two ways to cook the Chicken. The healthier option is to bake the chicken at 375 for about 25 min or until chicken is no longer pink. The second option is fry it in a pan with coconut oil! You choose :) If you fry give it about 5-7 min per side to cook thoroughly. 
5. Mean while squeeze all the lemons in a bowl and combine with olive oil and salt. Whisk together or shake in a shaker. 
6. Place the greens on a plate, top with a little bit of dressing, then place the chicken, and cover with a little more dressing

Enjoy :) 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Dream a Dream

I heard it best said, where do you want to be in a year from now? What do you want your life to look like?

It hits deep!! Because for the past 5 years I have dedicated my life to teaching! I LOVE working with our youth, specifically those considered "high risk." I love hearing their stories, hearing about their lives, and I strive to bring them the slightest bit of hope! My goal has always been to show teens the beautiful person that they are, to show them that they can do whatever they want to do with their lives! Will some have to work harder!? Yep!! Some of them will have to put in twice the effort I did BUT it can be done.

You see my PASSION is helping people! I LOVE watching people hit goals, dreaming, changing their lives!

The past few months have been some where I have done some soul searching. I hadn't quite been feeling that same gitty feeling in the classroom. My love for inspiring was being stifled by laws, regulations, mundane tasks of our education system! I needed a new outlet, I needed something that would light a fire within me!

So as of this month, I will be a FULL TIME health and fitness coach!! Why!? Because it's my passion! I get to help people change their lives!! I get to coach people who are interested in a lifestyle change, one that can change more about a person then what's on the outside!! You see, these changes do me have been more than loosing 25lbs, more than dropping pant sizes, they are about gains!

Gaining the ability to live a longer healthier life, gaining confidenx in myself, gaining friendships and support from others who WANT me to succeee, gaining emotional stability, gaining knowledge of what foods my body can process, gaining the ability to not over  eat or struggle with eating disorder, gaining energy, no more medicines, better sleep, the list can go ON and ON!!

I also will spend time volunteering at youth centers, doing it on my time, and once again helping people see their true beauty!

We all have a story, we all have had trial, and some of us have tried ways to cope. Food, alcohol, drugs, and they usually leave us empty!

I want you to see your true beautfy! That your story matters!! I am ready to listen when you are ready to share!

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