Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear Mr. Future Right

Dear Mr. Right - -

First off let me just ask…WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU!? This whole prince charming coming in on a white horse thing was suppose to happen like 3 years ago! For real, show up soon :) 

Since you are not here yet, let me just give you a forewarning about what you are about to get yourself into. Or maybe I should let you find out for yourself before I scare you off! 

Well, I am like, really pretty.

Yes, I think I am really pretty. Inside and out :) But I am sure you will figure that out on your own. And thats not really what this letter is about. Its about all the quirks you will eventually deal with on a daily basis. 

Like the fact I don't like to be touched in my sleep. I mean a cuddle here and there is no big deal. But when I am ready to go down for the count I mean STRAIGHT business. Don't touch me. Seriously. 

Also, I need coffee every. single. morning. There is a difference between Erica having coffee in the morning and Erica not having coffee in the morning, and it looks like this:

Stole this from google images and its actually perfect

I don't like white sauces, especially Alfredo. So if you are looking for Alfredo or mayo on a daily basis, I am not your girl. 

I am terrified of cats and squirrels. Very, very afraid. So please don't be a cat person, because I really think it will kill me in my sleep. And if you have a pet squirrel, it's weird. 

Now, there are some awesome things about me too! Like the fact I love to cook, I love Jesus with all my heart, I am very active and LOVE to be outdoors, I am a huge football fan, and I love my job as a teacher! 

So if the weird quirks and the scary morning looks haven't scared you off, stick around! I have some pretty amazing qualities too :) 

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Job Hunt

If you know anything about me you know that I plan out EVERYTHING in my life! 

I live for planners, color coordinated calendars, and lots of folders/binders! 

I am straight up DYING right now because I have no idea where I will be living in the next few months! If I could just know where I will get a teaching job I would be so much happier! 

I want to start planning out where I will live, buy some furniture, start looking into lesson planning…the list goes on! 

All I want is this beading from Kensie! 

Except at this point in my life I am just sitting at Starbucks, turning in application after application, praying like crazy, and waiting…ever so patiently to see where God leads me! 

All I want is to teach. I want my own room, my own class, my own books, all that jazz…and I realllllyyy want it now! 

I loved hearing some of your stories about finding your jobs! So please, keep me occupied over here and tell me how you ended up where you are! Are you happy? Do you love it? If not what are you going to change about it? 

A girl can only fill out so many applications before she goes crazy!  

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Big Move….or not

I always feel so out of the loop after I take a hiatus from blogging! I just had so much going on last week that I had zero time for anything else! 

God has been working in my life overtime lately! He has been providing me with awesome opportunities and honestly, I had no idea where I would even be living a week ago! 

Two weeks ago I had an interview in West Palm Beach Florida. If I had gotten the job I would have had 1 week to find somewhere to live, move my life from the Mitten

down to Florida, 

This picture looks so much better ;)

and start teaching in the middle of the school year! I prayed heavily and whole heartedly that God would guide me and if Florida is where I needed to be then so be it. Luckily, he closed that door and I didn't get the job. Although I am super sad I didn't get the job, I am not to sad about packing, moving, and finding somewhere to live in 7 days! 

However, I also interviewed for a long-term subbing job at the High School I attended and student taught at! It is awesome to have some stability in my job and not be subbing somewhere different every day :) 

As far as an update on my eating clean and working out; well I have lost 6 lbs! I lost 3 inches in my waist, 4 inches in my stomach, 3 inches in my thigh, and 2 inches in my arm! I start the second portion of the workout today and I am pumped to get the results! I also made this AMAZING chocolate chip cookies with no sugar and whole wheat flour! I will post the recipe later this week, they are seriously amazing! 

Hope you all have an AMAZING Monday! P.s. any of you have crazy job stories where the stars just aligned? I would love to hear about it! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Believe its Worth the Wait

I want to start off this post by saying these are my own personal beliefs. If you agree or disagree thats totally fine! I would love to hear your opinions, but please be nice :) 

As we all know (or maybe not) but I am 24 years old and single. Which makes me an outcast in my current town, location, and church. I live in a pretty conservative area where most people are marred at the age of 22. I also attend a wonderful church that almost all members spent their entire lives going there and therefore have found their significant others at church or off at college. 

Me on the other hand...well I wasn't saved till I was 21 so I never was able to meet my future husband at 11 years old in a small sunday school class. I was also more worried about my friends then boyfriends in high school, more worried about my sorority sisters, school, and work in college, and now here I am today with the big read sign on my forehead screaming SHE IS NOT MARRIED! 

Its strange because people will tend to look at me like I have some disease or they feel pity that I haven't found my significant other. They look at me with sad eyes saying "don't worry, it will happen soon." 

The funny thing is I want to look at them and ask "Why do you feel sorry for me?" "Am I less significant because I don't have a serious boyfriend or a husband?" 

The thing is I love my life just the way it is! I have so many unknowns and crazy things happening right now! I have no idea where I will be living or what I will be doing in the next 4 months even! And for now, I am okay with not having to consider someone else's opinion about what job I should take or if I can move away or not. 

Being single and 24 isn't something to feel sorry about. It also isn't something that should be looked down upon. And it most certainly should not be the reason I jump into any relationship! 

I am not trying to say don't date. I think dating is great! But for me, I watch girls go out with different guys all the time and I wonder, do they really think that these guys could be something more in their life or is it just for fun? If you date for fun, go you! However, I don't. I don't see the point of going out with someone unless I can see that there might be some potential in there. 

The reason I think this way is because I spent a lot of time in college chasing and dating the wrong guys. I knew that things wouldn't work out yet I dated them anyway and experienced my fair share of broken hearts. Then I would go home, cry to my best friend, and gain 5lbs eating Ben and Jerrys! The cycle was endless! Until my friend asked me, why do you keep doing this to yourself? We both know that these guys aren't boyfriend material, and if that is what your looking for, why do you date them? 

That TRUTH hit home hard! She was so right? Why was I not being patient and waiting for a guy who didn't have the word SWAG written on his T-shirt to pop into my life? yes, I dated a guy who had a SWAG T-shirt..please go ahead and judge. 

I guess the point I am trying to make here is that if you are going out to date for fun that is great, but do just that, date for fun! If something works out great if not great. If you are going out to date for a boyfriend then wait patiently. Don't jump into every single relationship that is headed your way! In fact, the Millionaire matchmaker says to make a list of 5 things that are non-negotionable in a future boyfriend. If the guy asking you out does not have all 5 of those things, then whats the point!? 

My faith allows me to believe that there is someone out there for me, and I am going to wait patiently until then. Regardless of your faith, you should always guard your heart! Don't let all guys in, wait for the right ones. Yes, you might have 4 serious relationships before you meet Mr. Right, but its much better then 243232 dates then end up in tears or you hating the guy who could have been a great friend :)