Monday, November 30, 2015

My Fitness and Health Journey--it aint easy!

Time for a little interview about me! 

Beachbody is a health and fitness program. It combines a pre-made fitness proram with a nutrition plan. The goal is to eat clean 80% of the time and workout 5 times a week depending on your program. All you have to do is follow what they tell you! 

I got started in Beachbody a few years ago when I did the Isanity program! I lost 19lbs in that program. I then did the T-25 program! The results were seriously amazing. 

The problem was that I did the fitness program, I stuck with the nutriton, but I quickly came up with many excuses to go back to my old habits! To head back through the drive through and to skip workouts! I had NO accountability! Clearly the program works! I just wasn't holding myself accountable! 

I wanted to be healthy again, I wanted to be that girl in the picture at top! The one who put in the 30 minutes a day to workout and ate healthy 80% of the time! I wanted to get off my blood pressure medicine, I didn't want to follow in my family's footsteps of heart issues! I wanted to be an EXAMPLE! I never was the healthy girl, I never was the fit and skinny girl, I just wanted to look in the mirror and be proud of what I saw! This is MY body! Its my responsibility to take care of it! I had to make a change! I had to get back to that girl and I knew that the ONLY program that worked for me was Beachbody. I tried gym memberships, weight watchers, classes, etc. This was it! This was easy to fit in my schedule and it worked! 

Like I said before, the program worked, I just didn't have the accountability! My friend Krista got me set up on a program called Bodybeast. She started something called a challenge group. This was a group on Facebook that I checked into daily. She also posted some awesome tips, recipes, and health tricks to keep me on track! Everyday I posted how I did with my eating, water intake, and workout! It truly motivated me! I knew that everyday I had to post so I wanted to make sure I could say that I completed everything I had to! Yes, there are days where I don't do it, I am human, but this group gave me the accountability to finish what I started, to reach my goals! 

This was my result! 

Once I saw these results I wanted to help others reach their goals! This seriously was because I stuck to a 30 minute workout 6 days a week, ate clean 80% of the time, and had a coach that kept me accountable! All I did was purchase this workout, made an investment in my health and well being, and BAM I knew I wanted to help other people do this! I wanted to get other people to their goals! Since then I have had even more progress! I also reached Emerald which means I have other people who coach under me! 

If you want help reaching your goals, my coaching is FREE! I want to inspire others, I want to help you reach your goals! I will work with you to find a program that works for you! I can help you get results! I know how it feels to constantly try to diet, try a new workout, THIS IS NOT A DIET! It changed my life! Now my JOB is to inspire you and help you change yours :) 

Contact me by commenting below or email me for questions! I have some amazing challengers with amazing results! 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Don't Skip it, eat it!

I wish that motto was true for EVERYTHING! "Don't skip it, eat it!" Sometimes I like to tell myself thats my motto hehe

In all honesty that is the motto for breakfast! DONT SKIP BREAKFAST! I know its so easy to do! Your running out the door, your late, your hair is still wet, your coffee barely made it into your to-go mug, but I promise you, if you want to see some serious results DO. NOT. SKIP. BREAKFAST.

Why?! It "gets the people going," just kidding, thats a Kanye West reference ;) It does however get your metabolism going! It literally breaks the fast the your body went through when sleeping. If you want to maximize the amount of calories you burn in one day, you need to start off your body with a meal to break the fast and get your digestive system up and going again! 

Best option for breakfast is pairing a complex carb with a protein. Here is one of my FAVORITE meals and its super easy! I wake up every morning at 4:30 because I coach girls basketball. I truly want to stay in bed as long as I can but I know that i need to get up and fuel my body! 

All I have to do is pop a piece of whole wheat toast in the toaster, fry up an egg, and put a little avocado on my bread :) I even through on some veggies this time! 

What is your favorite meal for breakfast!? 

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Martinis & Bikinis

Monday, November 23, 2015


Not only am I super excited for Erin's newest blog design to hit my blog I am also excited about the changes I have seen in my body! 

I have lost weight but most importantly to me this is what has happened in the past TWO months:

- Lost weight
- Lost 8 inches in my stomach
-Lost 4 inches in my waist
-Lost 2 1/2 inches in my chest
- Toned body
- More energy
-Haven't had to take my blood pressure medicine (MAJOR WIN)
- Confidence
- Advanced this business to a new coaching level! 

All it took was following a plan, that is already designed! It took an accountability group that pushes me every day! It required me eating clean 80% of the time with some ups and downs along the way! Its not about depriving myself, I eat whatever I want as long as I eat it in moderation! 

If you are looking for a workout before Christmas or are thinking about your new years resolutions, this is IT! 1 month try it out, and if you see no results its a money back guarantee! 

****Beachbody Black Friday Sales****
Here are the Black Friday Sales going on now! There are some awesome fitness programs! Use this link to shop around for whatever your heart may desire! Feel free to comment below or email me with questions!

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Fitness Friday

Its time for Fitness Friday Link up! 

Share with us what workout program you are doing? How successful you have been? What your goals are? Anything to do with fitness!

I am currently doing the Beachbody Body Beast program! It is a weight lifting program and I am LOVING it! 

Here are my results after 4 weeks:
- Lost 4 inches in my stomach
- Lost 2 inches in my chest
- Lost 1 1/2 inches in my waist
- Lost 1 inch in my arm
- Lost 2 inches in my hips
- Lost 1 inch in my legs

Woot woot! I am loving the program! Make sure to ALWAYS take measurements so you can SEE your workouts are working even if the scales says otherwise :) 

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Myth Three-No Sweets

Yes, its true, clean eating means cutting down on the amount of sugar you eat, but not cutting it out! EVERYTHING IS OKAY IN MODERATION! 

If you completely cut something out of your diet, you crave it more! I tried it before, no sugar and I seriously thought I was going to die! Suddenly, the Three Musketeers bar that I never liked looked absolutely delicious and I began noticing all the donut stores on every corner. 

Instead there are three options to still get our sugar fill!

1) Use natural sugars to substitute! I like to use honey :) I still make cookies using whole wheat but I use honey to replace sugar! The Fixate cookbook through beach body has some AWESOME desert recipes! One of my favorite things to make make is an all natural peanut butter oat bar! I use oats, all natural peanut butter, honey, and butter. I will post the recipe if you all would like it! 

2) Eat natural sugars! Anytime I get the craving for something sweet I cut up and apple or banana and sprinkle some cinnamon on it! This definitely helps me with my sugar intake because I know what I am eating is natural sugars---hence part of clean eating! 

3) Shakeology: These shakes have helped me out tremendously! They are full of super foods and all natural items! I drink one everyday for lunch. I have made peanut butter chocolate, caramel latte, pumpkin pie, strawberry vanilla, and many other flavors. Since drinking these shakes I rarely crave a sugary snack, and let me tell you I use to have a sugar snack EVERY NIGHT! 

Share with me! What are some of your favorite sugar-free snacks! How do you get rid of your sugar cravings!? 

Check out 
Myth One about veggies and fruit
Myth Two: Chips and Snacks! 

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Monday, November 2, 2015

My story

I just finished my VERY first Beachbody Challenge group! It was 21 days of clean eating, shakeology, and following a workout program! I am currently doing Bodybeast which is a weight lifting program but following the 21 day fix eating guide! 

I honestly am not the person to post pictures of myself in a bikini but I am so proud of my results! 

I never weigh myself so I am not sure on the exact pounds lost but you can SEE this works! I was so excited to do a before and after shot and the best part is that its not over! I can't wait to take another on December 1st! 

In November I am offering some free coaching and accountability! I am running a fee 5 day clean eating challenge AND a 21 day fix challenge that starts and ends before Thanksgiving! If you are interested let me know! These results only took ONE month :) 
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