Monday, July 28, 2014

Last Weekend in Michigan

I could not have asked for a better weekend in Michigan! Being my last weekend, I was so happy to spend it at the greatest place in the state Mackinaw Island. 

For those of you who have never heard of this hidden gem, Mackinaw Island is a historic treasure in Michigan. This island has been around since the 1600's and is about 8 miles around. The whole island never operated any vehicles so to get around you have to have horse and buggy. 

The island is home to the Grand Hotel which was built in 90 days! There, we ate a 5 course meal celebrating my grandparents 50 years of marriage!! I can't even imagine being married for that long, so cool I am able to celebrate such a wonderful marriage. 

I felt fancy eating at such a nice establishment :) In order to get in women have to wear a skirt or dress and men a tie and jacket...Ohhh we fancy huh!? 

Not only was this a fun weekend but it was so fun to spend with family. All my cousins were able to make it and we had fun doing as many things the island has to offer as well as taking family photos for my grandparents. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! The countdown is on to 5 days till the big move! Stay tuned for some good packing advice I learned first hand :) 

The Rachael Way

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The last Whoo-rahhh

I had my going away party last night and yes, some tears were shed. I recently posted about how lucky I am to have great friends but I truly mean that. These people are awesome! Anyone who gets to know them will be lucky! 

My biggest fear, which sounds so stupid when I say it out loud, is that I will get replaced. I am so scared I will come back in November for Thanksgiving and everyone will be talking about funny things that I know nothing about, everyone will go do fun things and forget I am even in town, they will have a new best friend and our group of friends no longer has space for me, or worst of all they won't recognize me! (I am being over dramatic about the last one but hey, it might happen). 

So, I hope this going away party was rocking enough that people will look back over their summer and think of me, their bff who now lives in a different state but will be back to visit and they must make time for me :) Here are some photos from the evening :)

As of now I am on the lake kayaking and sipping on coffee (after eating my bagel sandwich) and in a few hours I will be heading to Mackinaw Island for a family vacation. I am jam packing these next few days because I will have time to rest later (21 hours to be exact on the car ride down..eww). 

Also one last announcement! I am partnering up with Tiny Prints! Keep a look out in the fall as I feature my new apartment and classroom with some help from this amazing company!! They have a new line of home decor that I am in LOVE with and I can't wait to decorate the new pad! 

Things I am Loving

I am linking up with the wonderful The Other Juliette and blogging everyday in July (except not really, I am just joining when I can which is okay too :)

Todays topic is Currently reading, writing, listening, thinking, smelling, wishing, hoping, wearing, wanting, loving, and needing.

I am currently reading my favorite blogs! I should be reading about economics and History seeing as I am taking my Texas Teacher Certification Test tomorrow, but instead I am being inspired, learning some fashion tips, and catching up with my friends! 

I am currently writing this blog post. I LOVE to write. Although I mostly am saying some pretty meaningless stuff, I love the idea that I can express myself via writing and words. Its so fun to look back on this blog and see my life take place! 

I am currently listening to "Another One Bites The Dust" lol its on Starbucks radio right now. 

I am thinking how much I have to do before I move! I am emotionally exhausted from wedding dress shopping with both my sisters yesterday (yes, they are getting married a month apart. And yes I completely lost it when they put on their dresses!! I am going to be a big baby the day of the weddings!) However, being exhausted won't keep me from my friends and family. In the next week and half I will be
- going to dinner and drinks with my old teaching staff
- Studying for and Taking my Texas Certification Exam
- Kayaking around the lake with my bff
- Taking one last trip in MI to Mackinaw Island with my extended family
- Throwing a cookout/bon fire going away party with friends and family
- Watching the last Bachelorette as part of my weekly bachelorette date with my bff 
- Going to a fabulous steak house down town Grand Rapids with my grandparents, 
- Oh yea, I should probably pack
- and last but not least hit the road to the great state of Texas

I might sleep in there, I'm not sure! 

I am currently smelling some brewed coffee and breakfast sandwiches at the local Starbucks! Yummm! I love going to this place to study and blog :) 

I am wishing that I will find a church in Houston ASAP and meet some great people! I am such a people person and I am very afraid of feeling lonely. I can't wait to make some new friends! 

I am hoping my test tomorrow night won't be super hard! I have had awful testing experience before, read here. I am hoping this goes much better!

I am wearing a long black Maxi Dress (Thanks Meijer for the $10 gem!) A teal J-Crew Necklace, and some cute black flip flops :)

I am wanting some more coffee! 

I am loving the air conditioning! I shouldn't complain since I am moving into sauna known as the city of Houston. However, its is a HOT day in MI! 

I am needing some more time in my day! 

How about you? What are you Currently reading, writing, listening, thinking, smelling, wishing, hoping, wearing, wanting, loving, and needing?

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Friends, Brides, and Dresses

I am currently on the way to wedding dress shopping with my sister!!! Both of my sisters are engaged and are getting married a month apart next summer!! 

I will have more on the engagements later but let's just say with one child moving and two getting married my mother might actually loose her mind! 

Anyway it was my last weekend in Grand Rapids and I spent it with my best friends at a beautiful wedding. This wedding was the most beautiful venue I have ever been too! 

Here is the beautiful bride :) she was looking gorgeous!! 

And some more photos from the wedding :) 

I am going to miss these guys so much! I am not going to lie, I had a slight breakdown when leaving my friends house yesterday at the lake! After spending all weekend with these amazing people and out on the beautiful lake yesterday I realized this was the last weekend I would spend with all these people before I move. 

I know it's not the last time ever, but i can't help but realize that things will be different. I am so blessed to have these people in my life and I wouldn't be able to take this leap of faith with out the love and support from them :) 

The best thing for me to realize is that these friendships are true friendships full of support and love and that they will be able to withstand the distance and support the change in my life! I love these people and I wouldn't able to get through this without them! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Shout Out to my Blog Buddies

I said I wouldn't be on this thing for awhile so I can spend ample amount of time with friends and family before I leave. Until I found myself studying for my State of Texas Certification Exam…which is super boring…so here I am. 

I love finding new blogs, reading blogs, hearing about other peoples lives. It can be inspiring, I can relate to them, or I find them hilarious. All in all the following people make me super happy :) 

 I love this lady! She was my first ever blog friend and has my go to blog. I love the way she writes, the awesome fashion tips she gives, as well as all the great crafty DIY projects. She also designed my blog and is going to give me a good face lift in the next few months! She is hilarious, awesome, my favorite blog buddy. Make sure to check her out :) 

Love, Fun & FootballErin's blog is another must read for me. Titled Love, Fun, and Football (which are all of my favorite things) I just love hearing about her life, tackling her student loans with a special update from Sallie and Perkins, to hearing about her sweet job working for the Cincinnati Bengals! I advertised my blog with Erin before and I loved how she got to know me as a person and the amazing posts she made to get my blog out there! Check her out at Love, Fun and Football! 

I love reading Erin's blog because not only is she a real life friend (as if blog life is fake) but she has so many great ideas and pictures! I love looking at all the photos Erin posts along with the great stories that go along with them. Her life as a newly wed (1 year into marriage), new home, new puppy make her very relatable to so many people. Check out her blog for some good advice, stories, and photos!

Liz @ Fitness BlondieLiz is a must read for me when it comes to fitness, health, and diets. Liz has one of the most amazing and inspirational fitness stories! She motivates me daily with instagram posts to her daily blog posts and link ups. The best thing about Liz is she is very involved with her blog! She will read what you write, respond to your comments, and genuinely want to get to know you :) Check out Liz's blog for some great recipes and inspiration, I promise you won't be upset! 

My Life In High HeelsAmber is such an inspiration! She has just picked up her life and moved across the world! She is an inspiration to me from her strong faith to her ability to express that faith in her blog. She has written many of posts about being single as well as adventure and living life to the fullest! If you want to be inspired check her out, she is AMAZING! 

So these are just a few of my favorite blogs! I have more listed on my Favorites Bar on the right side of my blog :) Who are some of your favorites!? I love finding new blogs! 

Linking up today with the topic my Five Favorites :) 


Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Teeth are Falling Out…I Need Advice

Okay, my teeth aren't actually falling out, but I keep having these awful nightmares where my teeth keep falling out of my mouth or I swallow them…gross! 

Every night I fall asleep so peacefully, waiting for what majestic (or odd) dreams I may have and for the last week or two EVERY. SINGLE. DREAM. involves my teeth! 

Two nights ago I dreamt about my classroom. I am up in the middle of class giving a killer lesson when BAM! Teeth. EVERYWHERE! There is blood, gaps in my mouth, those gross little hanging string gum things that you had when you were 8 and would twist your loose teeth around and around to break! Too much detail? 

Last night I dreamt of being on a date with a hottie southern Texas man. The date was going great! Until I took a bite of my chicken at dinner and once again. TEETH! The worst part is I didn't wake up this time and the date continued. One tooth after another falling out of my mouth until I was literally just gums! 

So being the smart young woman I am, I decide to find out what was causing these awful nightmares. According to (legit source) and other google options I found that dreams about teeth falling out occur when someone is going through a major life change. 

WHich is me. In two weeks I am picking up my entire life here in MI and moving to the lone star state where I now know a whopping 1 person. Although I may seem put together on the outside, apparently my subconscious is going NUTS! 

I need some advice! For those of you who have made major life changes, or even had nightmares about teeth, what is the best advice you can give me!? 

I am also linking up with Helene in Between and Venus Trapped in Mars, some of my favorite blogs to follow :) Todays #FavTotalSocial No, my post isn't about anything that is my fav, but I am looking for some favorite advice about how to keep my teeth in tact at night :) 

Venus Trapped in Mars

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Where Am I?

Hello all! 

Long time no talk :) I miss this blog like a fat kid misses cake! I just want to write a short piece explaining my absence.

In June I had surgery on the upper half of my body (aka my lady friends) to shrink those bad boys down a bit for health reasons. This left me out of commission for awhile! Now, I have 3 weeks till I make the big move to Texas and I am spending as much time as I can with my family and friends! 

So don't go anywhere! I will be back when I am all settled into my new place with a new design and many more great and exciting posts! Miss you all and I can't wait to have a schedule in my life again! 

-Erica Ashley