Monday, January 11, 2016

Failing to success

I hate not completing things. I hate failing!! But with failing comes learning. With learning comes knowledge. With knowledge comes success. With success comes results. 

I had every intention of completing the 3 day refresh. I mean seriously, who can't do something for 3 days? 

The thing I loved about this refresh is that I got to eat real food! I could NEVER just drink my meals! Yes, I do have a shakeology every day, but that is for ONE meal only :) Anyway, on this refresh cleanse you have 3 shakes and 3 small meals made of fruit and veggies. 

I never once felt hungry, I did feel a little tired, but that also might have been because I was returning to work after a 2 week Christmas vacation. 

The problem was I failed. I did 2 days. I did 2 full days and then I caved and had some carbs. Once I had the carbs I just quit. I was SO upset at myself! I HATE not completing things! It wasn't that it was hard! It wasn't that I couldn't do it! It was that I wasn't committed. 

The next day I came down with a stomach bug--fever and all. So maybe my body was quitting because I was getting sick. Or maybe just because I wasn't committed.

Regardless, just because I failed once doesn't mean I will again. My New Year New You challenge group started today! My first 21 day fix workout is done! I stuck with my meal plan! I drank all my water! 

Today was a success! 

Just because you have 1 bad day, 1 bad workout, 1 bad meal, doesn't mean you have to stop. If you dropped our phone and the screen cracked, would you just throw it away? Or would you fix it?

I chose to fix it! I chose to get up and move on to the next workout! I chose to let my failures become lessons and my lessons become my success :) 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Long Drives

Writing this post today with the open road ahead! C and I are headed back south :( it's always hard leaving family but I miss my bed! 

What am I not looking forward to? The 3 hour ride from C's house back to mine! 

Yesterday we spent a true northerner day out on the Ski slopes! I've never been skiing before, just snow boarding a few years ago! It was so much fun and I NEVER fell once! Which was the goal because I didn't want to spend to much time in the cold snow! 

Now we are headed back south to a high of 72 this week :) My kind of weather! 

I'm starting the 3 day refresh cleanse Tuesday and 21 day Fix for the whole month of January! Can't wait to see my results and post my before and after! 

If you're interested 21 day fix is FREE right now if you purchase Shakeology! Mm mm favorite meal of the day!