Monday, August 14, 2017

Unplug and Unwind

This weekend was exactly what I needed!!!

Now, I LOVE what I do! I love running an at home business, helping people reach their health and fitness goals, motivating and inspiring others to follow their dreams, take risks, make mistakes and grow!! I LOVE it! 

But, and this is a BIG BUT, I realized this weekend I had come to my wits end! Saturday morning I had a slight meltdown because I felt overwhelmed! I felt like I wasn't doing enough! 

Often times, we are our biggest critic! We often look at the details in which we fail! Failed to wake up on time, failed to pack the kids lunch, failed to tell my husband I loved him, failed when I had an attitude with him for no reason. SO MANY FAILURES! 

And if you are ANYTHING like me we beat ourselves up! Thinking, "man I could have done this, that, this, that so much better!" And its a never ending cycle! If you are like me, we pour EVERYTHING we have into what we do! Our children, marriage, work, family, heck dinner and laundry! 

And often times we find ourselves exhausted, defeated, run-down, and think "but there is still SO much more I can do!"

Well, yes. That's probably true! BUT let me be real with you! 



Reflect on that for a second! You can't give yourself to your children, spouse, work, house chores, pets, etc if you HAVE NOTHING TO POUR! 

How do we get the liquid to pour???? TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES! 

IT IS OKAY TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST! It is okay to take 30 min a day, lock yourself in your pantry like the licorice mom (view below). Go get your nails done, go for a run, read a book, whatever it is take time for YOU! 

Thats what I learned this weekend! I poured myself too thin this week and I ran out of liquid. So I took the weekend to unwind! I put my phone down, I didn't answer any work messages, and I had a BBQ with neighbors, church on Sunday, lunch with my husband Sunday after church, a few glasses of champaign AND a good nap. 

You know what! I am ready to pour again. Its all it takes!! Its doable! But if you find yourself thinking "I can do MORE!" Think o what you HAVE done! Think of the things going right and pour yourself a glass of bubbly and tell your self 

"Dangggg, I am the Queen of getting sh*t done!" You know what, YOU ARE! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

It's the FREAKING WEEKEND...bout to have me some fun!

Anyone else remember that song!? No, just me?? Lol why is that my title today...IDK! But I do know it has been a LONG and BUSY week! It has sure flown by though! So what the heck happened this week!? Honestly I can't quite remember haha but I do know it was a good one! Here is my 5 Favorites on Friday

1. Finished the Shift Shop 
This workout is one for the books! I really LOVED it and for me, the best part is that it is 21 days! I get bored so easily so this was perfect! From the 7 different workouts and only 21 days long it kept me engaged and going! I loved it :) 

2. Spouse Support 
This week was busy for C as he kicks off work! Wednesday we went to a work event for him! It was so nice meeting other military spouses and putting some names to faces! I love that we both support each other in all we do :) 

3. Signed up for a 5K
I decided to do two rounds of the shift shop! So to celebrate my completion at the end of the month I have signed up for a 5K with one of my blogging friends and neighbors! It will be the first race I have done in 3 years since my half marathon! I am so excited! 

4. Mexican Food 
I did SO good not cheating during the shift shop (I had one slip up with a donut) but other than that I said no to ALL wine during wine tasting, breads, drinks, cookies, everything! So Monday night C took me to a GREAT Mexican restaurant for delicious margaritas, chips and dips, and enchiladas...YUMM! 

5. Free Group
On Monday I am kicking off a FREE group called "Busy People, Easy Lunches!" 12 different easy lunch ideas to send to school with your kiddos or even to pack for yourself at work! Here is the link! Feel free to check it out (no strings attached!)

Click Here

Hope you all have a great weekend! We are hosting a BBQ tomorrow so I am busy today getting everything ready!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wedding Part One

Normally you would find my Recipe Wednesday here but I am switching it up today to bring you a 3 part post about our wedding!!
Back Story: C and I met on E-harmony about 2.5 years ago! He was stationed in Louisiana and I was living in Houston Texas at the time. God was writing our love story by moving us to these locations! I was from Michigan and on a whim moved across country, where I knew no one, for a teaching job. C had 30 different options of where he was going to be stationed. Instead of the 30 options he got Louisiana...which wasn't even on the list! 
Fast forward to 1.5 years of laughs and love, C took me to my favorite place in the U.S., DISNEY!! The guy nailed it!! On our last night at Disney I begged C to take me to see the fireworks (apparently he was planning on going but was making it seem like he didn't want to). After begging for HOURS he finally said yes! At the end of the firework show, right in front of Cinderella's castle, he got down on one knee and proposed! I said yes!! And here we are, June 17, 2017! 
The best day of my life :)

Seriously, my mom is BEAUTIFUL! 
Here comes the water works! Makes me tear up to re-live it! 

I have been writing letters to my future husband since 2011 when I became a Christian. I put them all in a book for C to read :) He also wrote me a beautiful letter, cue the water works! 

Ceremony to come :) C and I didn't see each other till we walked down the isle! I can't wait to share! 

Monday, August 7, 2017


When you finish something you start there is always a sense of accomplishment! You did it! You put in the work! You put in the sweat! You put in the tears (and a couple curse words to the trainer! Sorry Chris)

Its why I LOVE my business! I know the wraps, the pills, the shakes as meals can work! But there is something about sticking to a nutrition plan! Something about waking up and working out that not only changes you PHYSICALLY but mentally as well! I personally believe you can't get that mental transformation by wraps, pills, etc! But that's just me :)


Also, we live in a society of INSTANT gratification! We go to the gym, we work out, and we want to know WHY our body is achieving results! We want it INSTANTLY! After a few weeks, when we don't see it, we quit!

How many times have you done this? How many times have you said I am going to do X, you do it for two-three weeks, and then you don't see results so you ditch it!


I am a CHRONIC quitter of health and fitness! But that is WHY I love these programs! I get 21 days! 21 days! I can do it! After 21 days when I accomplish it, I think, wow I could do another 21!

You see its small goals! Small progress! Increments and steady! Not just a I am going to lose 20lbs! But 3 weeks, you accomplish it, and you see results! That gives you the confidence to KEEP going!

The other part that is CRUCIAL that so many people miss is the nutrition component! This is KEY!! 70-80% of lifestyle changes come from what we EAT! You can workout ALL the time and not see results if you don't change your eating habits!


I LOVED the nutrition plan of this program! It was SO easy to follow! From recipes, to recipe calendar, to even a grocery list! I knew exactly what to eat and when to eat it!

Even my husband enjoyed the meals!! I made them for my family because it allowed me to be an example to them! He even ate squash which he hates!

This week I actually went up in weight! But a lot of it was muscle growth! My shoulders, my arms, all lost inches and toned up! Same with my stomach!

The final of 21 days is.......

Its progress not perfection! Yes I still need work but like I said, its 21 days of PROGRESS! So I am going to kick off ROUND 2! If you are interested in learning more about this program or other 21 day programs, working out from YOUR HOME for 30 min, or even a nutrition plan I would be HAPPY to chat :)

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Zucchini Boats

The thing I love about Zucchini is that it’s a cheap vegetable! The other night Craig and I were craving Mexican so I made these up with some leftover ingredients! Its basically like an enchilada without the shell! A great way to hide a veggie if you don't like them! 

1 lb Ground Turkey (or beef) 
1 can chopped green chilis (jalapeƱos if you want to get spicy!) 
1 Taco seasoning 
1/2 cup chopped onion 
4 Zucchini 
Garlic powder 
Shredded Cheese 
Hot Sauce 

1. Pre-heat oven to 375
2. Cut your Zucchini in half! Spoon out the center so you can fill with the meat! I usually use a spoon and leave a little zucchini left so its not just skins! 
3. In a fry pan, cook up meat! Add a dash of salt, pepper, onion, and garlic powder to meat while cooking
4. Add in taco seasoning when ready along with green chili and mix together (use jalapeƱos if you want to get spicy!) 
4. Fill each Zucchini with the meat mixture and top with cheese 
5. Place in oven for 25 min 
6. Add hot sauce if you wish or even some enchilada sauce! and enjoy :) 

Top with Guac, Salsa, or any other hispanic dish toppings! 

Lime Cilantro Potato Salad

I love Potato Salad but I hate all the fat!! I am not a huge fan of mayo so this is a great alternative! I actually prefer EVOO but for those that like creamy, Greek Yogurt is a great alternative!  In fact, I think I will make it this weekend for our BBQ!!

Lime Cilantro Potato Salad (photo to come)

5 pounds of red potatoes
1 packaged cooked turkey bacon
1 bunch chopped cilantro
Lime Juice
Lemon Juice
1ish cups of greek yogurt and a few squirts of mustard (substitute for EVOO if you wish!)
1 can green chilies
1 Cup chives chopped

1. Boil your potatoes until soft. Not mashed potato soft though.
2. Run them under cool water to stop the cooking and to cool them down.
3. Cut them up before they are all the way cool so your diced chunks will mash up a little. I prefer this consistency!
4. Chop up and mix remaining ingredients in a large bowl with the potatoes. Serve cold. Chill for at least 4 hours :)

Southwest Rollups

These are great for lunches, picnics, or if you slice them up, fancy appetizers!
Southwest Rollups
Cream Cheese softenedDry Mustard
Salt & Pepper
Chopped Green Onions
Thinly Sliced Chicken, turkey, or ham
Whole Wheat Tortillas
Pickled Jalapenos choppedBell Peppers chopped
  1. Mix the spices and chopped green onions into the cream cheese, then spread cream cheese onto the tortillas.
  2. Put a few slices of meat, then a thin row of pickled jalapenos and bell peppers.
  3. If serving for lunch, roll up and stick a tooth pick in the middle and you’re done.
  4. If using as a fancy appetizer, roll up and stick toothpicks about a 1/2 inch a part. Slice into bite size pieces with a toothpick in the center of each serving.
Got this recipe over at my friend, Melissa Furnace : )

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Making the MENTAL Shift

This week was ALL about the mental shift! What I love most about these programs is that they aren't just about getting physical results! They truly help in so many areas of your life! This program is EXACTLY what I believe about fitness, its about SHIFT that happens in your mind! When you dig down deep and find your why!

Why are you doing this!? Why do I wake up every day at 5:30? Why did I wait till Saturday evening and still workout at 7pm? What drives you!? And when you figure that out, there is NOTHING that can get in your way! 


The hardest part this week was not the workouts, but was sticking to nutrition! I had so many opportunities to cheat! I passed up sausage at a BBQ and homemade brewed beer, I passed on donuts, pastries and cheese at the Farmers Market, and a free Peach Bellini at brunch on Sunday! Why? Because I know that I can do anything for 21 days! I don't want food to control me! 

But you better believe I am going ALL out when this is over :) 

This week I did not do as great of a job taking photos of what I ate, but I did have some pretty amazing meals! 


I was  only allowed one yellow container per day, which means one starch! They were limited basically to squash and potatoes as my options! But I was still able to make a great hash, sweet potato fries, and even some baked sweet potato chips! 

For dinner we followed some recipes from the Shift Shop cook book which included Peach Pork Chops, Zucchini Boats, Hawaii Chicken Salad, and some potato skins for a snack :) 


I did not feel hungry at ALL this week! I was over the bloating phase and I didn't crave any sweet thanks to my chocolate shakeology! I sometimes had to force myself to eat a little more to make sure I wasn't skipping any containers! 

This is my favorite to report!! I am down 10lbs! I am about 7lbs heavier than I was in high school and about 7lbs from my goal weight!! 


I also am down a few inches and a size in pants :) 

This Sunday I got to wear, for the first time ever, my skinny jeans! I bought these years ago as my "I am going to fit into these someday" and that day was yesterday! It was the BEST feeling! 

Not only am I physically in great shape but most importantly I FEEL awesome! I feel confident, happy, mentally sound, and emotionally stable! I wouldn't trade that feeling for the world! 


If you are interested in joining me, I am happy to help! I run accountability groups every month to help people reach their health and fitness goals! And I promise, If I can give up wine and donuts for 21 days, you can do ANYTHING! 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Hey everyone!!! 

What a week! I can't believe its already Friday! Linking up with some awesome ladies today for 5 things on my mind and Friday favorites! 

1. Wedding 
I eventually will post a whole post about my wedding! There are so many great photos and I love to look through them but I just haven't taken the time to write out a post yet! Maybe next week!?! Anyway, I SO want to go back to the day :) It was magical! I can't wait till we receive our video! 

2. House
This week I went a little nuts at Homegoods! My husband did a GREAT job decorating his house as a bachelor, but I just wanted to make it OUR home! So new pillows, blankets, lamps, and vases to spice things up :) 

3. Workouts! 
Holy Moly people! I am LOVING this program! One week left and I am seeing such great results! I can't wait to share them! However, next week is no starches :( WISH ME LUCK!! Lol 

4. Flowers
I have tried my best to keep these bad boys living and so far so good! But this 100 degree weather and pure sunshine has not made it easy! Luckily anytime they look near death they sprout right up with some H2O 

5. Work
This was my first FULL week working from home and I LOVE it!! I am SO excited about the opportunity to help people change their lives! It's really the greatest! Somedays are exhausting but when I get the message from a client who is SO happy she has the confidence to wear a tank top or can fit into her high school clothes, its worth :) 

Hope you all have a fantastic week! If you would like to know more about what I do or join any of my fitness groups just let me know! 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

How many times have you made these bad boys and they just aren't right! Either over cooked in the middle or the yolk is still funny! Oh and they just don't peel!

My husband and I LOVE hard boiled eggs! They are the perfect on the go breakfast and a great source of protein when you just need a quick snack! We usually keep some in the fridge at all times! 

Well here are some helpful tips to get these eggs to boil to perfection :) 

1/2 dozen eggs (or as many as you would like)

1. Take a sauce pan and fill 2/3 of the way full with water. Bring water to a boil first 
2. After the water is boiled, gently place each egg into the boiling water (make sure water is boiling first)
3. Set timer for 14 minutes and let the eggs cook! 
4. When the time goes off, take the pan off the burner and let eggs sit for 5 minutes in hot water
5. After 5 minutes place eggs in a bowl of ICE cold water! Or run them under cold water in the sink for several minutes! 
6. Peel, add a little salt and pepper, and enjoy :)