Wednesday, April 30, 2014


My ability to wake up in the morning has gone from bad to worse. I think I use sleep at least 3-4 times every morning...such a bad habit!

Lucky for me I am only have 1 more morning to wake up before the crack of dawn until I am on my way to Hilton Head! I AM SO EXCITED!

Last vacation I went on was over 2 years ago to the Bahamas with my sorority sisters :)

This Vah-Kay-Shun is the last family one before my sisters get tied down to their significant others (which I am super excited about)! My brave Dad is driving down in a rented Minnie Van (yes we rent a Minnie van for vacations, family tradition) with 4 grown women (good luck to him).

So where are some good places I must go to when I am down there!? I have never been!!


  1. OH, how I LOVE Hilton Head!!! :0 Jared and I were there in 2012 and we cannot wait to visit again sometime :) Bike rentals are fun and cheap there and we biked a lot of days, to and from the beach, restaurants, etc! We love the Frosty Frog and there are zillions of places to put-put! :)

  2. Umm... so I am sitting here reading this blog entry and my gmail pops up and tells me YOU JUST LEFT ME A COMMENT as well.. how funny. We are just that connected. Have a great vacation girl! I want tons of pictures and an awesome recap when you get back!

  3. i've not been to hilton head in YEARS! y'all will have so much fun :)

  4. I haven't been there, but I hear it's GORGEOUS!! Have fun and relax!!