Friday, August 8, 2014

5 Friday Favorites

I am linking up with Amanda this Friday with my Five Favorites of the Week!

1) My new home :) I truly love it here and I actually have not been too homesick….yet. I love the weather, then nice people, and the great food! I have to keep reminding myself I am not on vacation and because this food is incredible! 

2) My new room! I posted about creating and designing my bedroom on a budget yesterday, I did the whole thing for under $600! 

3) Football is back! Moving into a state that LOVES football suites me well. I haven't decided if I am going to cheer on the Longhorns or Aggies, but being closer to Texas A&M I am leaning one way ;) 


4) Speaking of football, lets go Tom Brady! I also picked up a Houston Texans shirt so hopefully that number 1 draft pick lives up to the high expectations! 

5) Spending the week with my Mom and Dad. I am so happy they got to see my new home and help me set everything up! We also got to do a little sight seeing! I miss them like crazy but November is right around the corner :) 

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  1. YAY football season!!!! :) And I'm so happy you love your new place too!

  2. Tough decision on the teams. The Longhorns have been so overrated, but now they're the underdog, and I usually go for the underdog. Can't advise there.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Clowney does this season.