Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear Mr. Future Right

Dear Mr. Right - -

First off let me just ask…WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU!? This whole prince charming coming in on a white horse thing was suppose to happen like 3 years ago! For real, show up soon :) 

Since you are not here yet, let me just give you a forewarning about what you are about to get yourself into. Or maybe I should let you find out for yourself before I scare you off! 

Well, I am like, really pretty.

Yes, I think I am really pretty. Inside and out :) But I am sure you will figure that out on your own. And thats not really what this letter is about. Its about all the quirks you will eventually deal with on a daily basis. 

Like the fact I don't like to be touched in my sleep. I mean a cuddle here and there is no big deal. But when I am ready to go down for the count I mean STRAIGHT business. Don't touch me. Seriously. 

Also, I need coffee every. single. morning. There is a difference between Erica having coffee in the morning and Erica not having coffee in the morning, and it looks like this:

Stole this from google images and its actually perfect

I don't like white sauces, especially Alfredo. So if you are looking for Alfredo or mayo on a daily basis, I am not your girl. 

I am terrified of cats and squirrels. Very, very afraid. So please don't be a cat person, because I really think it will kill me in my sleep. And if you have a pet squirrel, it's weird. 

Now, there are some awesome things about me too! Like the fact I love to cook, I love Jesus with all my heart, I am very active and LOVE to be outdoors, I am a huge football fan, and I love my job as a teacher! 

So if the weird quirks and the scary morning looks haven't scared you off, stick around! I have some pretty amazing qualities too :) 

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  1. HAHA I look like the no coffee girl when I let my hair dry natural. Cute post