Monday, February 24, 2014

The Job Hunt

If you know anything about me you know that I plan out EVERYTHING in my life! 

I live for planners, color coordinated calendars, and lots of folders/binders! 

I am straight up DYING right now because I have no idea where I will be living in the next few months! If I could just know where I will get a teaching job I would be so much happier! 

I want to start planning out where I will live, buy some furniture, start looking into lesson planning…the list goes on! 

All I want is this beading from Kensie! 

Except at this point in my life I am just sitting at Starbucks, turning in application after application, praying like crazy, and waiting…ever so patiently to see where God leads me! 

All I want is to teach. I want my own room, my own class, my own books, all that jazz…and I realllllyyy want it now! 

I loved hearing some of your stories about finding your jobs! So please, keep me occupied over here and tell me how you ended up where you are! Are you happy? Do you love it? If not what are you going to change about it? 

A girl can only fill out so many applications before she goes crazy!  


  1. I graduated college in 2010 with a degree in journalism so to say that I was terrified that I would not get a job in my field would be quite accurate! However I made the best of my time at school and with taking advantage of several networking events and landing quite a few internships, I got to where I'm at today as an editor/writer and I'm loving every moment. There's nothing better than doing what you love to do. So really it's hard to call it work! :) Good luck on your applications and you can do it!! All that time you put into looking for that perfect teaching job will be worth it in the end!

  2. Hey you can always move to Alaska and live with me! haha Teachers get paid really great up here too!