Monday, May 5, 2014

The Path of The Single Girl - wedding invites..YIKES!

Lets talk about weddings shall we!?
Yes, This is my physically fighting my sister over the bouquet…not my proudest moment lol

I love them! I am a true sucker for love and all the romantic stuff. I think that may be the reason I have dated complete losers of the years, I fall for their witty pick up lines. Every. Single. Time.

Anyway, I love going to weddings. You can expect a full on water works show at every wedding I attend. Regardless if I have known the person for 2 decades or 2 minutes, I just loose it when the bride walks down the isle and the guy looks at her all lovey dovey. If the guy breaks down and cries, its over for me. I go into one of those cries where I can’t breathe and it sounds like I am suffocating.

As much as I love weddings, I hate being single at them. Why? Well duh because everyone is in love and I am sitting by myself. The worst thing about weddings is receiving the wedding invite. Addressed to “Erica Ashley and Guest” UGHHH. I have no guest! Of course I can bring my best friend, but if he attends any more weddings with me people might start thinking we are married.

So upon receiving my most recent wedding invite addressed to “Erica Ashley and Guest” I decided to attend STAG. I know a lot of people there and I don’t want to have my friend pay for a guest that I am not even that into, or that I found using Tinder. Awk. So after telling my mom that I would be attending wedding solo, she had the nerve to tell me…..


Talk about single embarrassing moments! Hey all! My name is Erica Ashley and I not only am single and couldn’t find/bring a date to this wedding so I brought my sister! It’s like bringing your cousin to homecoming!

I nicely told my mom that as much as I love that younger bundle of joy she brought into the world that she would not be attending the wedding with me. So as of now I am RSVPing Erica Ashley- alone, proud, and ready to take on the world!

Maybe that’s a little to much…

Any great wedding date stories from you all!?

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  1. girl, that is so me!! i'm always single, at every dang wedding i've ever been in! except in 6th grade. i totally had a bf. we met on the school bus, so it was #legit. ;)