Monday, January 11, 2016

Failing to success

I hate not completing things. I hate failing!! But with failing comes learning. With learning comes knowledge. With knowledge comes success. With success comes results. 

I had every intention of completing the 3 day refresh. I mean seriously, who can't do something for 3 days? 

The thing I loved about this refresh is that I got to eat real food! I could NEVER just drink my meals! Yes, I do have a shakeology every day, but that is for ONE meal only :) Anyway, on this refresh cleanse you have 3 shakes and 3 small meals made of fruit and veggies. 

I never once felt hungry, I did feel a little tired, but that also might have been because I was returning to work after a 2 week Christmas vacation. 

The problem was I failed. I did 2 days. I did 2 full days and then I caved and had some carbs. Once I had the carbs I just quit. I was SO upset at myself! I HATE not completing things! It wasn't that it was hard! It wasn't that I couldn't do it! It was that I wasn't committed. 

The next day I came down with a stomach bug--fever and all. So maybe my body was quitting because I was getting sick. Or maybe just because I wasn't committed.

Regardless, just because I failed once doesn't mean I will again. My New Year New You challenge group started today! My first 21 day fix workout is done! I stuck with my meal plan! I drank all my water! 

Today was a success! 

Just because you have 1 bad day, 1 bad workout, 1 bad meal, doesn't mean you have to stop. If you dropped our phone and the screen cracked, would you just throw it away? Or would you fix it?

I chose to fix it! I chose to get up and move on to the next workout! I chose to let my failures become lessons and my lessons become my success :) 

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  1. Yes! One bad day doesn't mean it's time to quit! Keep going!