Monday, March 13, 2017

Salads or Sugar??

Week one of Core De Force is officially over! You guys, I am LOVING this workout!! This workout is perfect if you are looking to tone up your abs and butt!!

My core has felt the pain ALL week, GOOD pain that is! Its definitely working! If you follow me on facebook, you know my GOAL, is flat tummy for my honeymoon! So folks, we are 97 days away! Its time to GO! 

Most people don't realize how important nutrition is! People think, "Hey, I workout everyday! Yet, I am not seeing results!"

I was there! I didn't get it! I would run 2-3 miles, lift weights, spend over 1 hour in the gym, and tone up nothing! Lose maybe an ounce! It was the WORST feeling! 

Why the trouble???  I wasn't focusing was what I was eating! I thought I was eating healthy or "clean" as they called it! I thought by getting a salad at a fastfood place was SO much better for me then getting my normal burger! SPOILER some salads have more SUGAR and FAT then burgers! They can even be more calories!!

Southwest Chicken salad at Mcdonalds
LOOK AT THE SODIUM!!! 1070 MG! Chicken nuggets are actually one the healthiest options in terms of calories, fat, protein/carb ratio, and sodium! 

Power salad at Wendys! Seems legit! Sounds healthy! Too bad its 450 calories with once again, 1070 mg of sodium!!! 

The point is, every day I thought I was eating healthy. Every day I though I was making such a good choice and NOTHING was working! I was spending $5-9 a day on a salad I thought was helping my body when really it was being packed with sodium and sugar! 

The problem was I wasn't doing research. I didn't know what truly was healthy or not! This why Shakeology changed EVERYTHING for me! 

This isn't a protein shake, its not a vitamin shake, its not a weight loss shakes, its ALL of it!! It combines everything your body needs and its only $4.77 a day! 

People complain about the price ALL the time! I get it! Its a lot of money to pay up front. But when I lay this shake info down to the "healthy" meals I was eating and I see the difference. The shake wins. When I compare the price, the shake wins! Its cheaper than the salad that provides me with LESS nutritional value! 

Regardless if you are a shake person or not, do your research before you think something is healthy! Figure out what your putting in your body! If you need help, you can email me with ANY questions! I am happy to do the research! Also, if you are interested in trying the shakes let me know! 30 day money back guarantee, even on an EMPTY bag! You can drink the ENTIRE thing and decide it didn't work for you, send your empty bag back, and get a full refund :) Thats how much I believe in this stuff! 


  1. I sometimes grab juices from the store - you know the ones that are like smoothies and even though i know it's all fruit that's the sugar I can't get over how much is in there so I just change my mind and opt for something else LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I definitely think that people should be more aware of the things they are putting in their bodies as well as how much. My biggest thing was portion control, once I figured that out it helped tremendously.

  3. I am good with my workouts but my nutrition could always improve! However, I do like eating my calories opposed to drinking them in a shake. I never feel full after drinking shakes.

  4. That IS a lot of sodium! Thankfully, I'm not a big salad eater. I'm not opposed to drinking shakes, but have a sensitivity to artificial sweeteners. I really have to check labels very carefully, even on electrolyte drinks tablets or powders. I'm going to look into Shakeology. Thanks for linking, Erica!