Monday, February 1, 2016

My Transformation

Here is my transformation story smile emoticon
My name is Erica Ashley and I am an Emerald Beach Body Coach! I am so excited to start this group and share with everyone some great tips and tricks for your fitness goals! 
I started beachbody unofficially 3 years ago doing the Insanity program. I lost 19lbs and felt amazing! All it took was two months of dedication and sticking with my nutrition plan. The only problem was that I was not part of a challenge group to keep me accountable and I did not have shakeology. 
For the past two years I put all the weight back on. I didn't stick to any programs and I found myself quitting at everything I started. I tried Pure Barre, Yoga, Gym Memberships. Nothing worked. I would get bored or make excuses. 
Fast forward to September 2015, my friend Krista messaged me about joining one of her fitness programs. At that point, what did I have to lose!? I decided that I would join, mostly to get her to stop asking me about it, and then after it didn't work I would find the next thing. I bought the challenge pack Body Beast, bought my Shakeology, and started the journey. 
During that 30 days I lost 6lbs, 8 inches around my waist and stomach, lowered my blood pressure. I remembered WHY beachbody worked. I was so excited about my results I just had to share these programs with others!
I have been coaching for 6 months now and I LOVE it! I love helping people reach their fitness goals! Beachbody has changed my life. Its the first program I can stick with. It provides me with different workouts so I dont get bored, the ability to do them in my own home, a group of inspiring and motivating people, and a daily meal that provides me with all my nutrients smile emoticon
If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining our group message me or comment below 

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  1. That's amazing! Good for you, lady! Obviously, pregnancy is totally getting in my way right now, but I loooove the feeling of putting in the effort and seeing the results :)