Sunday, March 2, 2014

Job fair

I am writing this post via iPhone in bed tryin my hardest to get some sleep but I just can't go to bed! I am beyond excited for the teacher job fair! 

Last year I attended as a student teacher just to get some experience with interviews, but this year it's the real deal! 

I want a job. 
I have no one holding me back.
As the New Boyz would say, "ain't gonna tie me down"

So I am going to go in this job fair tomorrow and I am going to find me a job. 

Want to know why!? 
Because I am awesome, I am willing to move, and I WANT a job! So cheers to the job fair tomorrow! 

One last note, my sister surprised me this weekend with an amazing book she made me to capture my years in college. I am so blessed to have her as my sister and I couldn't believe she took the time to make me this! 

Cheers to sisters and jobs! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! 

P.S I did not forget about monthly go link up! Check in on Wednesday for a special monthly goal link up and my blog turns 1!