Monday, June 2, 2014

Path of the Single Girl- Letter to the Church Ladies

I had way to much fun this weekend and I completely forgot to write a post for today!!

I have grown up in a Christian family with Christian friends and it is so awesome to see the wonderful things happening around me. For instance, one of my good friends is getting married this weekend and I CAN NOT WAIT!

However, I basically am setting myself up for multiple questions, looks, stares, and disappointment in the fact that I am attending this wedding alone with no date. Reason being, I am not dating anyone right now and my friends wedding is smaller, so I didn't want to have her pay for a meal for a guy who knows no one there except for me.

I am walking into this wedding with a big target on my head. Why you might ask? Because there is something about church ladies (god bless them) that think if you are not married by age 22 you have some sort of disease. They want to set you up with anyone that they can. They ask you thousands of questions and look like you as if you have some terminal illness.

I am mentally preparing myself right now for the comments that will be made and the stares I will receive when I tell these ladies once again, no I am NOT dating anyone.

So I have decided since it is polite to keep my mouth shut, I will write a little letter to them right here:

Dear Ladies,

So great to see you all again, and no, I still have no diamond on my left hand. In fact, I once again am not dating anyone. Yes, I am fine with that because there are so many other great things going on in my life! I am moving to Texas, I have a stable job and income, I can travel where ever I want whenever I want.

No, I do not want you to set me up with your nephew, thanks for asking though. In fact, I think I will just wait on God's timing for my future husband. You are always telling me God has a plan right? Well I choose to wait on him. I am not going to settle for just anyone, I have waited to long to do that now. So thanks for the offer, but I think I will wait and let things play out in Gods time, not yours.

No need to look at me like I have a terminal illness. I don't have a disease nor is my "single virus" contagious. I just am a 24 year old girl living the life that God has given me and thanking him daily for my wonderful blessings.

So as much as I appreciate your concern, I think you should know that I am 100% completely happy with my life. God has given me so much to be thankful for and someday, I am sure I will add a guy onto that list but as for now I get the opportunity to serve God as a single woman. I get to live out my life dreams and goals with out considering the opinions of something else, and I get to the ability to provide for my self as an independent woman. All of those things are rewarding.

Don't feel sad for me. You should be proud of the things I have accomplished by myself and thank god for what he has already given me instead of wishing for me :)

-Erica Ashley


  1. this is so on point. I have to explain at every family function that yes, I am more focused on my career than "catching a husband' well + also that yes, baseball is my career + no I'm not working in this industry to marry an athlete. I love it + I totally feel ya girl!

  2. This is fantastic. I was one of those girls that everyone in the church pressured too. It's really disheartening that Christians have that mentality. I love this letter!