Sunday, May 25, 2014

Path of the Single Girl - Breakups and Legs

Talk about major writers block. I literally almost titled this post Single. Mingle. Tingle. Lingle. Flingle. 

LOL. Seriously, what does that even mean? 

When I thought of Path of the Single Girl I was thinking I would have these posts on lock down, because lets face it, I am a PRO at the single life. 

In fact, I recently encountered a crying student in the hallway and heard about the schools most recent break up. It definitely broke my heart to hear how upset said person was…but it also got me thinking…

Being single and not having to face a break up is AWESOME! Nothing feels worse then having your heart broke. Except when everyone tells you its going to be okay and you want to punch all of them in the face because they don't quite understand that no, everything will not be okay, the love of my life just broke up with me, how am I going to be okay????? 

….8 months later you realize that in fact, your friends were right and everything turned out to be, as they said, okay. So okay that you now are dating, have lost weight, bought a gym membership, cut your hair, bought a new wardrobe, and stopped shaving your legs daily. 

I just wish I could have expressed this concept to said student but I realized as a pre-teen and teenager, there is nothing I could have said to make them feel better. 

What does this post have to do with being single? Nothing, except enjoy the fact that you don't have to shave your legs daily. 

What advice would you have given this broken hearted teen!? 

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