Monday, January 27, 2014

3 Day Weekend

I woke up this morning to another snow day. Honestly, I am OVER them! When will it ever stop snowing up here!?! The south is sounding better and better every day. 

Now that my weekend has turned into a 3 day snowed in extravaganza, lets recap shall we!? 

Friday night my parents took me to dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant. It was AMAZING! The owners are from Italy and make the food homemade themselves. Since I am trying to eat clean, I gave myself a free-night but still stayed away from pasta. I ate a delicious rabbit but my dad had lasagna bigger then the size of your face! 


Seriously, this is just one piece!! 

After dinner I went over to a friends to watch 17 again. I forgot how much I loved that movie! Of course it was snowing, really really hard (it literally will. not. stop). So I got stranded at my friends and spent the night :) I can't complain because I woke up in the morning to coffee, waffles, and sausage! I should spend the night there more often! 

Saturday night I had the pleasure of watching Michigan beat Michigan State in basketball! GO BLUE! 

And Sunday I spent the day at church, teaching sunday school to Kindergarteners (my favorite part of my weekend) and I tried out my first Hot Yoga class! IT WAS AMAZING! My body has never felt so relaxed! 

I had a great weekend and now I have a day to catch up on laundry and cleaning :) How was your weekend!? 


  1. I want to try hot yoga! I think I should get better at regular yoga first though...haha I'm terrible.

  2. sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend! i don't know how you handle all the snow! i was in chicago last week and it is intense!

  3. Hot yoga is on my bucket list! Do you regularly go to not-hot yoga classes?