Monday, January 13, 2014

GIVEAWAY and the Patriots!

WOOO PATRIOTS ARE IN THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP!!! and with that you may skip the rest if you want to get straight to the giveaway, but I would love for you to read :)

I am pumped!! 

I spent almost my entire weekend watching football, football, and more football! 

Game face and game gear! Ready to blow out the Colts! 

Plus the golden globes last night! I just can't get enough of Tina and Amy (we are on first name basis) and seriously Jennifer Lawrence! Love her, not a fan of her dress though. 

Which inspired me to wake up at 5:15 this morning for a work out...ugh. 

Anyway, one last little thing I wanted to share with you all is this awesome recipe I found for making homemade ice cream...out of snow!! Okay, make sure you stay away from the yellow stuff, and probably anything else you stepped in just to be safe...but I was shocked at how well this stuff turned out! Plus the nugget I hang out with on a daily basis (she told me she is to old for a babysitter and her mom hired me to "hang out" with her lol) loved it! 

Take 4 cups of snow
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of sugar
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla

Seriously, try it! We had over 20 inches of snow the other day and I thought to myself, this could be depressing, or we could eat it ;)

Now for my last and final thing I am linking up with Ashley at Afternoon Espresso for and AWESOME giveaway ! ENTER, ENTER, ENTER check her and the other amazing ladies out! Love them :)  

Happy Monday All

Here is your Happy Monday session and an awesome way to start your week... I'm teaming up with these fabulous ladies below to GIVE AWAY a $100 Nordstrom gift card (always free shipping and free returns if you do not have one near you), the "Annabelle" Spoon Ring from Premier Designs (seen here, here, here, and here {I obviously love this ring}) and a 16oz. Banana Nut Bread candle from The Candle Cafe ( it's my favorite and my ENTIRE house smells like this when I burn mine).  


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                             Elizabeth Nygard                   Erica Ashley, Faith-Hope-Love
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  1. my husband loves the patriots and made our 5yr old wear her patriots shirt all day. then i heard him hollering and clapping in the basement as he got drunk by himself and they won LOL

    kathy | Vodka and Soda