Friday, January 31, 2014

Monthly Goal Link Up

It is that time of the month again to link up your goals and check out what other people are up to! 

I love this link up because it is so inspiring to see the goals other people have set and to see them accomplished! The last month link up was a little different because of New Years resolutions, but I talked about making small goals and trying to nail those! 

How have you guys been doing!? 

The goals I set for the new year are:

1. Lose 20lbs this new year

The small Goals i have hit to achieve this so far was eating 5 small meals a day and doing the T-25 work out! So far I am on track :) I could definitely drink more water a day! 

2. Find a Job

 This has not happened yet. But I have been applying and I do have an interview set up! 

3. Save Money

YESSSS! I downloaded the snow mint budget system. Its an online envelope system and if you struggling with budgeting I HIGHLY recommend it! I have been able to save so much and keep track of my spending habits! 

Those are just a few updates :) 

My goals this month are as follows:

1) Keep spending time in the bible! I have done better in January but I know I can do better then I am!

2) Keep up with the clean eats life style change I made! I feel so much better when I am eating this way

3) Do T-25 on schedule! 

4) Read, read, read. I have plenty of time as a substitute teacher so I want to read a 5 book series the month of February! 

5) Save over $1,000! This one will be tricky but I know I can do it! 

What are your goals!? Link up at anytime this month and check out other peoples goals for ideas! I love this link up and I can't wait to share your goals it with you! Grab a button and Link Up! 

Erica Ashley-Faith, Hope, Love


  1. this is awesome! congrats on the healthy lifestyle change and sticking with it. when your body is used to clean foods and you have bad food even just once, you definitely feel it! (aka you physically feel awful).

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I did my goals recap on Wednesday but am linking that post here because it's a total follow-up the your last link-up!

  3. Congrats on being so focused on your goals! You can do it!! :)

  4. The snow mint app sounds interesting, I may need to look into downloading it. Good job on your goals last month!

  5. I smiled to myself when I read this post because my biggest goal for this year has been to focus on establishing habits that will help me reach my goals. I've recently learned that building habits keeps me more accountable!