Friday, January 17, 2014

Fame and football

I am writing this post via blogger app. (Scroll down to my previous post for the best giveaway ever! $100 to Nordstroms and more!) Not only has my spelling sucked prior to this new course of action, I can only apologize in advanced for the spelling errors from here on out. 

Today is one of those gloomy days in the mitten. No sun (per usual), working (per usual), and running late on everythingggg. Maybe because I  taking time to blog instead of work. 

But hey, work right now consists off reading a plethora of books. Substitute teaching, while always fun and exciting, has placed me with an ample amount of time to read (or apparently blog) while the students take tests. I have read 3.5 complete books since Monday! Isn't that crazy!? 

Since my kindle officially died half way through my day today (and I left the house with out the charger) here I am, blogging. 

I really don't have much to say. Except foray be that I am kind of famous due to my favorite ladies from the Tone it Up series favoriting my tweet yesterday!! 

Or the fact that I felt extremely uncomfortable during millionaire matchmaker last night. The 57 year old dude was obsessed with dating 21 year olds and told his date they were going to go hot tubing. Fun right? Until she walks out in her swim suit and he is just standing there fully clothed. Because what he meant by hot tubing was watching her in the hot tub and he would just stand and creep... 

Got to LOVE my trashy TV! 

On that note I am off to do who knows what until the end of the day.

Go patriots!!! AFC Championship this weekend! You will find me all geared up in front of the TV Sunday with my game face on! 

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