Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You know you're an adult when….

When you buy a bed. Thats right, I bought a bed. Not just any bed but a bed I have been wanting since forever. And since I am an adult now with a real job paying real bills and what not I figure its time to upgrade and get a real life adult bed. 

I can't get a pic of this bed to load so here is the link if you are DYING to see it.

Its truly a dream come true! I am in love and I can't wait to put it together when I move to Houston in August! 

Until then it will sit in a box waiting anxiously to be put together and allow my body to complete many wonderful nights of slumber on it :) 

So besides buying a bed you know your an adult when….

- Buying furniture is not only expensive but super exciting. 

- When you go out with your sorority sisters and turn in at 11pm because its way past your bedtime. 

- Think your a rebel for going to see Divergent on a Monday night at 7pm (P.S. Four is my new boyfriend, I am completely in love)

- You go to bed earlier on a Friday night than any other night in the week simply because your exhausted from a week at work. 

- Live off of coffee and caffeine. 

- Your wardrobe goes from color to pure black (its slenderizing) 

- You advise others to be safe and responsible….okay mom! 

- Get super exited to track all shipment orders on Amazon. 

- Record all TV Shows after 10pm because you will never stay away through the entire thing. 

- When you wake up in the morning from 5 missed texts from your mom that were sent at 10:15pm yet you were asleep and she was awake… 

How do you all know your adults!? 


  1. You totally hit the nail on the head with 10:00 bedtime! I have no idea how I ever managed to stay up until all hours of the night and then go to class all day during university! I didn't even start drinking coffee until I finished uni!

  2. LOVE that bed you picked out- its gorgeous!!!

  3. Theo James (four) is pretty gorgeous! AND he has an amazing British accent.

  4. Erica!! I just found your blog, I don't have one but I love reading others! I am so excited for your teaching adventure and can't wait to read all about it xoxo