Monday, May 19, 2014

The Path of the Single Girl-Changes

The past few weeks I have had this bad boy up and going things have been kind of funny and light hearted. My intention with the Single Girl posts is never to be negative or make people feel sorry for me. Its a spot where I can be real, and have people who are in a similar position share their stories as well as all you engaged and married folks out there share your advice and think back to the times where you might have been in my shoes. 

Lets talk about change and being single. They kind of go hand in hand. I truly am SO happy with being single right now because there are so many big changes in my life and it is honestly nice not having another person to worry about. For instance, I am moving to Houston Texas from Michigan in less than three months. If I was not single, this move would suck. I couldn't imagine leaving a significant other behind. And I am truly thankful that I do not have to worry about that.

However, there comes a point in your life where your facebook, instagram, twitter, vine, and actual mail box fills up with diamond rings, wedding pics, engagement photos, save the dates, etc. And at that point it hits you.

You are alone.

Like alone alone. No person even in the distance to consider alone. 

Frankly, it sucks. Its a reminder of how happy you could be if you finally found that other person to spend the rest of your life with. And yes, you may have some big things going for you like a new job or house. But is it really that cool if you have no one to share it with!? 

You may be rolling your eyes right now or thinking share this stuff with your friends! Well, you also hit that age when all your friends are married. Literally almost all of them. They no longer want to to go out till 2 am (which is okay because I can no longer stay up that late either), they always have to "ask" before making plans, often times they have plans spending with family members. And the relationship changes. No longer do you have everything in common. 

Does it mean your not friends anymore? Absolutely not. But these friends can't fully understand what your feeling. They can tell you till their blue in the face: 

         "Don't worry, it will happen when you least expect it."
"Seriously, it will happen, just give it time."
"Mr. Right is right around the corner."

LOL if he is right around the corner thats a bold face lie because I checked and he aint there! 

These sayings might be true, but it does not make you feel any better. They are standing there happily married, engaged, or in a relationship and your standing there single as a pringle. Does it mean you shouldn't listen to them? Absolutely not! I think I am just trying to say this:

Yes, it probably will happen when you least expect it
and if it doesn't I blame all of you because thats what
you keep telling me. However, just because everyone
and their mom tells you it will happen when
you least expect it doesn't make the pain
of being lonely go away. Its not like you hear this
great advice and perk right up. Being lonely is a
real emotion. And while the entire world and their stuffed animals
seem to be living happily ever after I think this…

This man is going to be better then I could ever dream of and I will appreciate
our relationship more than I could have ever thought. He will love me
like I have never been loved before and he will pursue me
like a dying man in the desert pursues water. Why? because
I have been waiting ever so patiently and when the day finally comes, I know
10000% what I want and how I deserve to be treated. I love me for me
and some day some lucky man will love me too :)


  1. this is my life right now. love you for this post friend <3

  2. Love this! You perfectly described my life in this post! haha