Monday, May 12, 2014

The path of the single girl-vacations

 This might seem strange, vacations and being single!? I'll tell you that being single and vacations go hand in hand after my first hand experience in Hilton Head for the past 9 days :) 

First off, I am in love with this island! It's seriously amazingly beautiful 

Check out this poolside view 

Or just dipping my feet into the ocean tide 

This trip was absolutely amazing yet it reminded me that I am as single as ever! How might you ask!? 

Well I am the only single one in my family. Both of my YOUNGER sisters will be sportin a new diamond soon while I just move across country for a job :) and honestly, it's the way I like it. 

I would be lying if I said that being single doesn't suck at times. Like on vacations when your entire family is on their phones talking to their significant others and you just chill in front of the TV watching the NFL draft (hello boys, I watch the draft!) or when you are walking in the beach and they all mention how the only thing that could make this better is if their significant other was there while I am looking forward to hanging out with my best friends when I get home. Or the fact they can't wait to be home to be in the arms of another and I'm pushing for us to stay a second week! I have no one to rubs home too :) 

I think the best part about being single on vacations the amount of quality time you spend with your family or whoever is there on the trip. I had no one to worry about at home so all my time and energy went to making memories with my family.

Me and my lovely mom :) 

I also got to focus on getting a great tan and trying out some different styles with out being judged or worrying about if significant other thought I looked crazy! 

Loving the fadora

Trying some wavy to the side beach hair 

Point of this post? Well my vacation was probably one of my favorites! But also, while being single can totally suck it can also be such a blessing to be independent and worrying about only you :) so focus on the positive things and e thankful for this time in your life because it won't last forever! 

P.s. This was really cool! I went to this place where I picked out my own oyster shell and cracked it open to find my very own and unique pearl! You never knew the size or color of your pearl. After you got to pick out your setting and get it sized! Here is the final product :) 


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing vacation, girl!! And I absolutely love your ring!!

  2. love, love, love this idea you have going on girl! embracing it, just like you should be. i will be reading!

  3. Love this. SO true. I just got back from the beach too and you really do focus on being with your family and don't miss as much when you aren't waiting and staring at your phone.