Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Teeth are Falling Out…I Need Advice

Okay, my teeth aren't actually falling out, but I keep having these awful nightmares where my teeth keep falling out of my mouth or I swallow them…gross! 

Every night I fall asleep so peacefully, waiting for what majestic (or odd) dreams I may have and for the last week or two EVERY. SINGLE. DREAM. involves my teeth! 

Two nights ago I dreamt about my classroom. I am up in the middle of class giving a killer lesson when BAM! Teeth. EVERYWHERE! There is blood, gaps in my mouth, those gross little hanging string gum things that you had when you were 8 and would twist your loose teeth around and around to break! Too much detail? 

Last night I dreamt of being on a date with a hottie southern Texas man. The date was going great! Until I took a bite of my chicken at dinner and once again. TEETH! The worst part is I didn't wake up this time and the date continued. One tooth after another falling out of my mouth until I was literally just gums! 

So being the smart young woman I am, I decide to find out what was causing these awful nightmares. According to (legit source) and other google options I found that dreams about teeth falling out occur when someone is going through a major life change. 

WHich is me. In two weeks I am picking up my entire life here in MI and moving to the lone star state where I now know a whopping 1 person. Although I may seem put together on the outside, apparently my subconscious is going NUTS! 

I need some advice! For those of you who have made major life changes, or even had nightmares about teeth, what is the best advice you can give me!? 

I am also linking up with Helene in Between and Venus Trapped in Mars, some of my favorite blogs to follow :) Todays #FavTotalSocial No, my post isn't about anything that is my fav, but I am looking for some favorite advice about how to keep my teeth in tact at night :) 

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  1. i hear of ppl having these dreams a lot..but i have never had one! i forgot to tell you yesterday about my dream though...kenny died in my dream and it seriously felt so real and i woke up crying-im not even sure if i can tell him that i dreamed that he died! ugh depressing dreams. so much for me giving advice in this comment! haha