Friday, July 18, 2014

Shout Out to my Blog Buddies

I said I wouldn't be on this thing for awhile so I can spend ample amount of time with friends and family before I leave. Until I found myself studying for my State of Texas Certification Exam…which is super boring…so here I am. 

I love finding new blogs, reading blogs, hearing about other peoples lives. It can be inspiring, I can relate to them, or I find them hilarious. All in all the following people make me super happy :) 

 I love this lady! She was my first ever blog friend and has my go to blog. I love the way she writes, the awesome fashion tips she gives, as well as all the great crafty DIY projects. She also designed my blog and is going to give me a good face lift in the next few months! She is hilarious, awesome, my favorite blog buddy. Make sure to check her out :) 

Love, Fun & FootballErin's blog is another must read for me. Titled Love, Fun, and Football (which are all of my favorite things) I just love hearing about her life, tackling her student loans with a special update from Sallie and Perkins, to hearing about her sweet job working for the Cincinnati Bengals! I advertised my blog with Erin before and I loved how she got to know me as a person and the amazing posts she made to get my blog out there! Check her out at Love, Fun and Football! 

I love reading Erin's blog because not only is she a real life friend (as if blog life is fake) but she has so many great ideas and pictures! I love looking at all the photos Erin posts along with the great stories that go along with them. Her life as a newly wed (1 year into marriage), new home, new puppy make her very relatable to so many people. Check out her blog for some good advice, stories, and photos!

Liz @ Fitness BlondieLiz is a must read for me when it comes to fitness, health, and diets. Liz has one of the most amazing and inspirational fitness stories! She motivates me daily with instagram posts to her daily blog posts and link ups. The best thing about Liz is she is very involved with her blog! She will read what you write, respond to your comments, and genuinely want to get to know you :) Check out Liz's blog for some great recipes and inspiration, I promise you won't be upset! 

My Life In High HeelsAmber is such an inspiration! She has just picked up her life and moved across the world! She is an inspiration to me from her strong faith to her ability to express that faith in her blog. She has written many of posts about being single as well as adventure and living life to the fullest! If you want to be inspired check her out, she is AMAZING! 

So these are just a few of my favorite blogs! I have more listed on my Favorites Bar on the right side of my blog :) Who are some of your favorites!? I love finding new blogs! 

Linking up today with the topic my Five Favorites :) 



  1. You are so sweet girl!!! :) Thanks for the shout-out, and now I'll be stalking a couple of these other gals I've never read!!

  2. Oh you're so sweet! Thank you for the shoutout and the sweet, sweet words. How are you? When do you move? It's been too long.

  3. Love ya love ya! Can't wait to to beupdted on your life!