Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The last Whoo-rahhh

I had my going away party last night and yes, some tears were shed. I recently posted about how lucky I am to have great friends but I truly mean that. These people are awesome! Anyone who gets to know them will be lucky! 

My biggest fear, which sounds so stupid when I say it out loud, is that I will get replaced. I am so scared I will come back in November for Thanksgiving and everyone will be talking about funny things that I know nothing about, everyone will go do fun things and forget I am even in town, they will have a new best friend and our group of friends no longer has space for me, or worst of all they won't recognize me! (I am being over dramatic about the last one but hey, it might happen). 

So, I hope this going away party was rocking enough that people will look back over their summer and think of me, their bff who now lives in a different state but will be back to visit and they must make time for me :) Here are some photos from the evening :)

As of now I am on the lake kayaking and sipping on coffee (after eating my bagel sandwich) and in a few hours I will be heading to Mackinaw Island for a family vacation. I am jam packing these next few days because I will have time to rest later (21 hours to be exact on the car ride down..eww). 

Also one last announcement! I am partnering up with Tiny Prints! Keep a look out in the fall as I feature my new apartment and classroom with some help from this amazing company!! They have a new line of home decor that I am in LOVE with and I can't wait to decorate the new pad! 

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