Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Loving your Flaws

Transformation is more than just PHYSICAL! 

I have gained more than just being fit, stronger, and in shape! I have done more than just lose weight!

The girl on the left would NEVER wear bright pink lipstick! She didn't have the confidence! She lacked self-esteem, she lacked discipline and motivation. She smiled and was generally happy, but she lacked joy in herself. She didn't believe she was worthy. She felt ugly compared to others. 

The girl on the right worked hard! She became disciplined, motivated, confident, and learned to LOVE her body including all of its flaws! She realized that being "skinny" wasn't what would make her happy! Loving herself, her body, her flaws---you know, the big booty, the thighs that jiggle, and that little gut in her stomach that just doesn't go away. They make her who she is!

February 13th I am starting my FREE love yourself series! Its a two week group where women
encourage and uplift each other. Where we learn how to love ALL of ourselves! In a society full of negativity, let's learn to treasure who we are no matter where we are in our journey!

ALL are welcome, no strings attached! Just a way to bring some light in a dark society! 

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  1. I love that bright pink lipstick! You are totally right - it's about more than the physical!

  2. This sounds awesome and you are rocking that pink lipstick!


  3. Wonderful post! I do think it's important to love yourself OF COURSE but it's not always easy to do.


  4. This is awesome! Great post, and I especially think every girl should wear bright pink lipstick with confidence :-)

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams