Monday, February 27, 2017

Treat yo Self!!!

Ever have those weeks where you just KICK A**??? The whole check list is completed, laundry done, kids where they need to be, dinner made, work done and BAM! You rocked your day! Or week even!

Those days are the best! 

You get in the car to go pick the kids up from practice/schools/friends wherever they may be and you drive past your favorite ice cream place? (insert any place that serves favorite food). You start thinking, "Man, a caramel truffle ice cream cone sounds delicious!" 

Then you tell yourself, "You know what, I DESERVE this!" And you pull in! 

Now, I think ice cream cones are A-Okay! In fact, I love them!! But how many times do we reward ourselves with food??

"I ran a mile today" = Pizza

"I completed my checklist" = Soda

"I went through the entire day without spewing a bad word to anyone" = entire bottle of wine

These things are okay in moderation! The thing is, sometimes we find ANY justification to eat what we want! Literally, I told myself last week "I did my job today, I am getting an ice cream!" Hahaha what?? Of course I did my job! I HAVE to! 

My suggestion is this, we are not dogs! We shouldn't ALWAYS reward ourselves with food! Food is meant to be enjoyed yes! But, its not meant to be a reward for every. little. thing. we. do. 

Here are some suggestions! 

If you reached your goal, treat yourself to a new top, pants, shoes, purse, whatever it may be! This is a long lasting reward, something you can enjoy over and over again! Set a goal and treat yo self! 

I LOVE a good massage! Recently, I went down a pant size from a 10 to an 8! Instead of running to get 5 pints of Ben and Jerry's I booked myself a massage and it felt amazing! I can't wait to hit my next goal and go again! 

Go on a walk, get out of the house, maybe even a girls night or weekend! Reward yourself with some time spent just on you

Maybe you never take naps? Or you never sleep in? Well scratch that! You deserve it! Take some extra zzzz's as a reward!

Go get your nails done, or maybe buy yourself that color you have been eyeing at the drug store! Maybe you are have been wanting to change your hair style!? 

The point is, there are SO many ways to tell yourself, JOB WELL DONE! In fact, a lot of these ways will make you FEEL better afterward! So sure, get an ice cream every once and awhile and go ahead and have that slice of pizza! But treat yo self with ways that make you feel yo self!

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  1. ummm im so guilty of rewards like oh worked out I can have this piece of candy...I like shopping idea better! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I am so guilty of rewarding myself with food! I love the idea of getting a mani instead!

    By Lauren M

  3. Spa days are the best :) I would love to go once a month
    Chelsea @

  4. Yes! It's so important to reward ourselves, I'm all about mani/pedis. They are the best way to reward myself.

  5. I love this! I'm doing Isagenix, and I've planned my grateful for them!

  6. This makes a lot of sense and the e-card is so true. Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. SUCH a great reminder! I do this way too often - I treat myself with an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts on Fridays lol! Thanks so much for sharing with us at On Mondays We Link-Up :)

    Trendy & Tidy

  8. Amen sista!! Have a great rest of the week by the way! xo

  9. so, so true. I have to talk myself down almost daily for this very reason! we are not dogs! thank you for this!

  10. So true about the food reward system and yay for dropping a pants size!!l

  11. You know you are really right, I do good most of the time, it's when I let my guard down several times a week with carbs at night, wine which I'm so guilty of out of habit not because I truly want to enjoy a glass.
    I need to take you up on your other suggestions, the spa sounds just about right!
    Thanks for linking up with us! Enjoy your week Erica!

  12. great reminder! I'm so guilty of food rewards but those other suggestions are also great ideas

  13. So true. As a southerner, we were raised that everything is centered around food. It's hard to break that cycle. I do like to reward myself with pedicures and sometimes massages or facials too. Thanks for linking on the Weekly Wrap!