Thursday, October 31, 2013

Loving what you do

I seriously LOVE my career choice! And I am so happy to be able to say that I LOVE what I do! It is my passion! 

The crazy thing is that I haven't even really started yet! I have finished one semester of student teaching 6th graders and am almost done with my second semester of student teaching with freshman!

Now I will admit waking up at 4:30/4:45am did not sound fun to me at all, and yes I moaned and groaned all morning until I got to school at 6am. But when those very nervous freshman entered my room scared out of their minds that they were in high school I realized that THIS is why I love what I am doing!

Last year I worked and did my student teaching at an inner city school. I spent my afternoons working an after school program and after Christmas break I was lucky enough to student teach there. I received this beautiful note and lovely story from one of my students for christmas:

This is a story about a dog and bear, I am the dog and my student was a bear :) I received a stuffed animal bear and a stuffed animal dog with the letter :)

And this lovely note:

This is why I love my job! This is why teaching is my passion and I will never regret going to school for this, or leaving a secure job to finish my degree in education! 

Love what you do! I promise you your life will be so much better! 


  1. i'm so happy that you love what you do! many people struggle with their jobs because it's just that - a job not a career; huge different..just something to just pay the bills. if it's not a career that you enjoy, then it's harder for you to get up every morning and stay motivated day in day out.

    so congrats on finding what you love doing!! it'll only allow you to excel in your field :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Loving what you do is so important, one of my worst fears it to be stuck doing a job I dislike for the rest of my life. Those notes are precious, it's clear that not only do you love what you do but you're good at what you do too! :)