Monday, October 7, 2013

The "TEST"

This was one of the biggest weekends of my life thus far. The ever so dreaded 4 hour teacher certification test. 1pm Saturday October 5th. 

Supposedly my 5 years of college courses was suppose to prepare me for this bad boy. There is no study guide, you can pay for a six question practice exam, and the information can be pulled from anything about World History, anything from US History, anything about economics, anything about Geography, and anything about Government. 

Luckily, my professor gave me a great website to prepare with, unfortunately it was not enough. 

Let me start off by telling you the exam didn't start till 1pm. So I woke up in the morning and basically waited around for hours to take a test that would determine the rest of my life (okay, I am being a little dramatic).

1) My first move was to drive to the testing site. Before I could do so I needed to stop at a Walgreens to purchase number 2 pencils and a pencil sharpener. No pens or mechanical pencils aloud and I have not purchased an actual pencil in years! So I bought a pack of pencils, sharpened 6 of them to perfection and was off! This test was going DOWN! 

2) Well you get 1 admission ticket into the testing site. They don't mess around. Finger prints, photo identification, clearance screenings, I felt like I was applying to be a CIA Agent not a teacher! So I tucked my ticket into my purse as I got out of my car to keep it safe from the outside forces. Except I missed my purse and it landed in a puddle of one and only ticket into the test...prediction of the rest of my day. 

3. Luckily for me the kind lady told me she could still read my ticket and it was valid! Close one! So I settled into the testing site, gave them my thumb print, and was all set to go. There are no phones, purses, sweaters, anything besides you, identification, pencils, and your ticket allowed into the testing site. So 5 minutes before the test starts I say a little prayer to calm my nerves, reach into my pocket for my 6 pencils and notice I have no car keys. They are gone. But I can't get out of my seat and I have no purse so at this point I haven o idea where they are or no time to look for them. A perfect addition to my stress level before my test. 

4) So the test starts, At this point I am freaking out! Like I said before, you can't get out of your seat for anything, not even the bathroom or to sharpen your pencil. Luckily I had 6, sharpened to perfection. Until all of their leds decided to pop off as I was trying to bubble in answers to questions 1-4. 4 questions answered and now I have no pencil. Not to mention the questions were ridiculous! 

Needless to say I don't think the test went well. And the keys were found locked in my car....with my cell phone..... Which was an hour away from home. So after I tracked down another person, used their phone to call security, who then broke into my car. I went home and haven't felt to hot since then. 

I am sure I will look back at this and laugh. Just not at the moment. But I did realize that it is all over now, and frankly, it couldn't have gone much worse. I can re-take the test if I end up needing to, but now I play the waiting game to see how I did. Maybe I will surprise myself and do really well, maybe not. But thank goodness that day is done and over and I can move past it! 

How was your weekend!? I hope better than mine :) 


  1. Yuck I am sorry your test went badly, but you may have surprised yourself and done well, I hope you did! I know all about horrible tests (the bar exam lol)

  2. So glad that's behind you... hopefully the results are better than you're thinking!

  3. oh my goodness friend..i think i broke out in stress hives FOR you reading this. so sorry you had such a hard day but i'm sure you did great on that test! i'll say a little prayer it went perfectly! :)

  4. Oh my, I would have had such an anxiety attack, I'd probably still be sitting in the parking lot crying! I hope you surprise yourself and did better than you expect! And if not, like you said, you can write it again and totally rock it! :)

  5. Ahh this is going to be me in a couple years!! Hi I just found your blog and I'm following via Bloglovin! :)