Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Monthly Goals!

It is already the first of the month! That seriously flew by! I am so anxious to hear about everyones monthly goals and what you are striving for this month! 

Last Month:

1) Save Money: I finally did it!!! woooo! I paid off 3/4 of my credit card debt, put some money into savings (here I come first real apartment!), and was able to attend a few nights out here and there :))))) 
2) Run the full 13 mile half marathon at least once: didn't happen :(
3) Complete 2 of my 8 observations: I actually completed 3!!! Which means only 5 more to go! Woo!
4) Stay on my A Game with school: So far a 4.0 and completing all of my lesson plans as needed! 

Goals for this month:

1) Complete my half marathon, October 20th ahhh!!! I was a little crazy signing up for this bad boy but I know I will feel so great when I finally achieve it!

2) Keep saving the money! My goal is to be able to move out of my parents house soon after graduation in December (not to soon, but financially able to soon). I miss my freedom of having my own place! 

3) Complete 3 more classroom observations

4) Keep up with my food logging and exercising! I have a great new app called Lose It that I use all of the time to record what I am eating and have lost 2lbs just watching what I am putting in my mouth! I also need to keep exercising, at least 3-4 times a week! I know I am busy but for my mental health, I need a run! 

What are your goals? Link up below and tell me how last month went as well! 
Erica Ashley


  1. Congrats on paying off so much credit card debt, woop woop!! You go girl!! :) Super excited to hear about your 1/2 marathon- I just signed up for my first one ever (eek!) but it's not until May!

  2. Congrats on acheiving most of your goals! I utterly failed mine haha

  3. Great goals and great work to complete them!!
    Don't be nervous about your half- you will do amazing!

  4. Yeahh for paying down your credit card and getting some money in savings... get it girl!