Monday, October 28, 2013

My Obsessions

My weekend was relaxing and exciting! Not many pictures to update with. I was able to hang out with my grandma and grandpa while they were in town. I got to introduce Grandpa to some local MI brews. And yes, a FABULOUS dinner at P.F. Changs (why don't I eat there more? Seriously, so good!). 

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More interesting besides my weekend are the things I have become obsessed with. 

If you have been reading my blog you will find out I am a planner and scheduler. I love to plan everything.

Including what I eat. This might be weird, but during the week I eat the same exact thing for breakfast and lunch every. single. day. 

1) Oatmeal. I might change it between apple cinnamon but my go to is maple brown sugar. Every single morning, a little oatmeal to wake me up. 

2) Raspberries. I love them. I eat them daily for lunch. Sure, they may be a little fuzzy on the outside, but they are seriously my fave!

3) Protein bar. That is the "bulk" of my lunch. Every M-F you can count on me to munch on a protein bar. I love the peanut butter ones, yumm! 

4) Quaker rice cakes. The cheddar kind. M-F. yumm! 

5) A little dessert to top off my lunch with Special K 100 calorie Crisp bars! The chocolate delight, so amazing! 

So yeah, I am a weirdo. The same exact food M-F until dinner time where I like to change it up a bit! Does anyone else do this? Or am I that abnormal?

Happy Monday all! 


  1. You're not abnormal! I do it too... mostly I'll make a huge batch of something (soup, chili, etc.) and eat off that for days.

  2. OMG ME TOO!! people ask me if i ever get bored and i'm like, NOPE! to me, it's fuel and it does the job so i eat it.

    Vodka and Soda