Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Fun Day!


I can't wait for a relaxing weekend.....of lesson plans and working out ;) 

However, just 1 month stands between the way of me and no school!! I can't say no school ever again, because I am a teacher, and it's where I will spend the rest of my life. But I am done with undergrad, FINALLY! 

My exciting news to share with you today stems from this question...Do you like food? 

My sister, the best cook ever, no in the blog world! She has taken many different cooking classes, cake classes, and cake decorating! Check her out! Her recipe up right now is seriously, delicious! 

Last but not least, keep entering the Blog giveaway! I am having so much fun participating! 

$75 Target Gift Card Giveaway
I can hardly believe it, but it's already that time of year again. Time to start the Christmas shopping season, and who couldn't use a little extra spending cash. Use it to help cross some people off your shopping list or use it as an excuse to pamper yourself {:hey, you deserve it…shopping is seriously hard work:}. 
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  1. Happy Friday!

    Please take a moment and check out my new blog.

  2. Yay, hope the blog is bringing you lots of exposure and new followers!

  3. I loooove food! Both cooking and eating them haha! :) have a great weekend! Btw, lovely blog! Just followed you via GCF :)