Monday, November 11, 2013

One Door Opens

I have briefly shared this story, piece by piece through out my blogging. However, as graduation approaches, I feel the need to share the complete story.

This story is rather long so I broke it up into two parts:


Yes, graduation is a big deal. Yes a lot of people graduate. However, this is a TRUE accomplishment for me. There were plenty of times I almost didn't get to this point.

It started when I needed to choose a college. I really wanted to go out of state, except I am the oldest child and my parents were helping me with college my first year so they asked if we could compromise. I agreed and narrowed down my options between 2 schools. CMU (Central Michigan University) or GVSU (Grand Valley State University). I knew I was going to get into both schools so I decided whatever school I heard from first I would choose....except both acceptance letters came in the mail the EXACT same day.  I ended up choosing:

The only problem was I HATED my freshman year. HATED it. I went in blind and was assigned a roommate. I thought we would become best friends, like all the movies showed girls staying up all night and talking from their bunk beds. Except we didn't. She would stay out all night and sleep all day, I would go to class and try to sleep when she had numerous people in our dorm room at 3am.  I wanted to transfer. And I wanted to go out of state like my original plan. So I looked into two Florida colleges:


I flew down to Florida and went on college visits to both. I LOVED FGCU, but was so far away from home. My parents didn't really want me to move so after much consideration, and viewing what credits would transfer and what wouldn't I decided to stay. 

I got a job at Aeropostale as a part time manager my sophomore year. I worked ALL the time, and made pretty good money for a 19 year old! In fact, I made such good money that with a promotion I decided that maybe school wasn't for me. I called my parents and told them I was dropping out. They immediately got in their car, drove to GVSU and said,

My dad somehow found the time to make a spreadsheet of all my payments I would need to make and how much money I would actually be making in the car from my parents house to my college. He told me if I wanted to drop out, this would be my responsibility. I realized quickly, this wouldn't work out and I needed to make more money.

So I decided that I needed a job that would make me tons of money. After all, to my 19 year old self money=happiness. I decided to go into law. I changed my major my junior year in college and switched to pre-law/political science. I took all my political science classes my Junior year and LOVED it. I thought I would go to law school and eventually work in the government. 

Senior year came around and I started taking my pre-law courses. I took family law, writing in law, criminal law, and real-estate law. I also got a job at a local patent law firm making really good $$$. I thought, man this is the life! I will be financially set forever! 

Except there was a slight problem. I hated law. Read part two of this story later this week! 


  1. Love hearing more about you... I know it's hard to open up sometimes but I love when blogs get personal!

  2. Ugh I had a crappy freshman roommate too! In fact I wrote a whole post about it already and it's going up on Friday! lol

  3. my college years was sort of like this...i majored in Business/Finance and quickly realized HOW MUCH I HATED IT so instead of dropping out - because that would lead to a legit bitchslap from my parents - i switched majors to pass time while i figured out what i wanted to do with my life and enrolled in computer science. that actually ended up being my calling and have been working in the IT industry for over 10yrs.

    looking forward to the rest of the story!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. haha your gif made me laugh! can't wait for part deuce!