Friday, December 20, 2013

Lil Mama

Now that I have officially graduated from college and have no job I am a professional substitute teacher.

I love it! Granted, I am ready for my own class room very soon, but it is really nice to have a break and just show up and teach with out creating lesson plans :) 

This week I was able to sub for a few days at the old school I use to work at and did my first portion of student teaching. I forgot how much I LOVE those students. They have so much diversity at the school and I love the high energy. 

Yesterday was the greatest. Santa Claus came to visit! A lot of the students never make it to see Santa so they were really excited to see him and tell him a few things they wanted :) He also gave them candy canes. 

However, my favorite part of the day was as follows:

One particular student was on my "list" of kids to watch. He is nice kid but is ALWAYS causing some sort of chaos in class. He came to school halfway through the day and missed my introduction of myself. 

I had told the students they could call me by my last name or Miss R. However, someone of them were in my class over the summer where they called me Miss  Erica. I told them that was fine too. 

So this bright young fellow comes into the room, halfway through the day, and dives right into causing some crazy chaos. A few more hours into the day he turns to me and says, "Miss R. I hear some people are calling you Miss R***** and some are calling you Miss Erica. I don't want to call you any of those names so I think I will call you........Lil Mama." 

So for the rest of the day the name caught on and am now the sub known as Lil Mama...

I can't help but laugh! 

Keep a look out for my upcoming special Monthly Goals link up! I am not huge on New Years resolutions and I will tell you why later, but I will be hosting a special New Years/Monthly Goal link up coming soon! 

Have a great Christmas weekend! 

Merry Christmas
Lil Mama


  1. congrats on the official graduation :) my husband was a kindy teacher and loved it :) he loves kids.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. That is so dang cute... kids have the best spirit!

  3. Enjoy this season because you'll be a fab teacher when the time comes and I love the nickname! Merry Christmas pretty lady


  4. Subbing is the BEST! I did that while I was home with my little one, until I started teaching online and I felt guilty getting paid lol. It was SO EASY! :)

  5. i subbed for a while after i graduated college too. it was tough, i'm not cut out to be a public school teacher. i teach college now and i love that diversity, BUT i give you major props! My husband teaches 6th grade and coaches...everyday is a new adventure with that haha!

  6. Oh my gosh lil mama!! Haha that is awesome. My friends that teach always have the best work stories.