Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post-Christmas Depression

Is anyone else feeling super depressed today? Seriously, the day after christmas is so draining! Its like the excitement and music and lights leading up to it then BAM its gone! 

My dad said it best yesterday: "Christmas, it does this every year, just comes and goes!" 

Instead of being depressed I am going to focus on all the great things that christmas has brought! 

The first one being Christ, becoming flesh, a sinless person, in order to die for all of your sins. That is the ultimate gift :)

The second being, family. If you didn't know already Christmas Eve is my birthday. So if I post any new pictures you will see the new found wrinkles on my forehead (lol I am kidding...sort of) I am 24 now and I feel like that is old! 

Sisters boyfriend, sister, myself, and sister (sorry for the awful pic for everyone else! I was being super selfish and thought I looked great ;) It was my bday anyway!)

Anyway, my family does such a great job of making my birthday special and not blending it in with Christmas! 

My gift was the new T-25 workout! I am SUPER excited to start it! And I got a charm for my bracelet. It is an ice skate since we go ice skating every single year since I was 6 for my birthday! 

Then my family took me to PF Changs for birthday lunch! Where I received this bad boy for dessert...The Great Wall of  Chocolate...they weren't kidding! 

We actually went to Bone Fish Grill after for chocolate creme brûlée where I officially went into a chocolate coma! 

My birthday ended :( I already can't wait to celebrate it in a year from now! And my sisters and I woke up Christmas morning to the best gift EVER! 

A family vacation to Hilton head in May! I am so excited since we have not been able to go on a family vacation in years! This will be the last one before my sisters get engaged and we all end up moving who knows where! I am sooo pumped! 

I hope you all enjoyed your christmas! Merry Christmas all! 


  1. Happy belated birthday... sounds like it was fantastic! Lucky you on the vacation gift... so, so, so fun!

    I can't say that I join you in the post Christmas depression... I love Christmas but when it's done, I am SO glad it's over... Christmas is hard work :)

  2. a vacation! that sounds like a pretty sweet Christmas gift! happy 24th!