Monday, December 2, 2013

Monthly Goal Link Up

I hope that everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving! There are so many things to be thankful for! I would love to do a weekend recap later this week, but I am really busy because I GRADUATE COLLEGE IN 5 days!! 

Seriously INSANE! I have blogged earlier this month about my journey, feel free to read.

But for now, lets check out monthly goals! 

Last month my goals were:

1) Work out 3-4 times a week. I would say that I kinda sorta completed this. I probably worked out 2-3 times a week. But I did squats in my bedroom every day :) 

2) Prepare my resume for graduation. DONE! I had a mock interview at the school I am student teaching at and they were very impressed with my interview and resume! Hopefully that may turn into a job someday! 

3) Save, save, save...miserably failed. 

4) Drink lots of water. 3-4 water bottles a day! CHECK! 

Goals for December:

1) Find a job! This will be the first on my list until it happens! 

2) Save! This is for real now, I am basically an adult and I need to pull it together! I just created a spreadsheet of all my expenses, earnings, etc. I hope this works!

3) Enjoy time with my family and friends :) It is the holidays and I am truly blessed with amazing friends and family! 

4) Enjoy my birthday! I turn 24 on December 24th! Golden birthday, and I am ready to PARTY! 

5) Working out and staying healthy during a month of sweets! One of my favorite bloggers Ashley at Run with Me has made an awesome challenge for the month of December I am committing too! Check it out

What are your goals this month!? How did you do last month? Link up here! 


  1. Congrats on the great mock interview! I'm sure you'll get a job in no time :-)

  2. Wow you did great on your goals! Good luck finding a job! And a golden bday-woohoo- hope you have a blast!

  3. woot woot! its a big month!! you are a girl after her own dads heart making that spreadsheet ;)

  4. Yay! Have an awesome birthday! :D and Happy Graduation! There's a lot of things going on for you this month and I hope you have a great month! CHEERS!!

  5. These are such great goals, and you did AMAZING last month! Well done! 24 is a great year, so I'm you will absolutely rock all your goals this month and on! :)

    New follower via GFC, Twitter and Bloglovin'!

  6. yay for decmeber babies :) i turn 38 6 days after you.

    you did well on your goals; keep it up :)

    Vodka and Soda

  7. these are great goals!!! I'm also trying to stay healthy and workout this month which is definitely going to be a tough one with the holidays and all! Good Luck with all your goals! Sounds like you shouldn't have a problem getting a job since your mock interview went so well!!! and happy almost birthday!!!

    A Little Look Inside Me

  8. Well an early happy birthday from one x-mas eve baby to the other!!


  9. You birthday is Christmas Eve? How awesome!! Good luck job hunting!