Friday, December 27, 2013

NYE Goals/Resolutions/Dreams for 2014

We are about to go LIVE with my favorite monthly link up plus a little twist! So many people set new years resolutions, which is GREAT! It is a great skill to set goals, but let me tell you why I am not a huge fan of the new years resolutions....

They usually go something like this...

For the most part, people stick to the their resolutions for a good two weeks, or maybe even the first month when suddenly there is an excuse to go off that diet you were on, or you just HAVE to spend money, or the gym membership you bought is being used less and less..


Because New Years resolutions are long term goals...


Well long term goals need to have short term goals to go with them...let me show you

1) My "New Years Resolution" is to lose 20lbs this year 
(so in stead of just leaving it at this and then making every excuse in the world when I don't complete this goal I will set some short term goals)
I will lose this 20lbs by doing the following:
     - Completing the T-25 work out
     - Running another 1/2 marathon
     - Drinking TONS of water daily 
     - Paying more attention to my diet...aka eating 5 small meals a day 
(These smaller goals are going to help me reach my large New Years Resolution Goal) 

Now if I have short goals to work towards in order to reach my resolution! If I don't complete this resolution I can look back and see what small goals I didn't complete. 

2) Find a job

     - looking and networking
     - Keeping my resume up to date
     - Applying, applying, applying- - - - and calling to check up on my

3) Save Money

     - Pay off some of my student loans (yay real world :/) 
     - Save enough money for an emergency funds in my savings
     - Save enough money to be able to move out of my parents house and live 
       on my own! 

4) Travel...on a budget! 

     - Florida
     - Hilton head
     - Washington DC
     - Boston
     - Mackinaw Island

5) Grow in my relationship with God
- Spend more time in the bible
- Find a devotional to do daily...any ideas?
- Spend more time in prayer

What are your New Years Resolutions!? Even if you do not make small goals Link Up all resolutions/goals/wishes/hopes/and dreams for 2014 here! 

(I will blog in 2014 about my success in 2013 of my goals) 
Erica Ashley-Faith, Hope, Love


  1. Erica! I am inspired I love the way you set up your yearly goals with shorter goals. I am doing it this year! You will totally kill all these goals this year and God is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!


  2. You are soo right about setting small goals within your New Year's Resolutions and that's so helpful to think of it that way. I'll be doing a post and linking up with you and will definitely set the small goals to attain the big goals... they're much more achievable that way! Thanks girl!

  3. Love this girl! You're going to rock these goals little by little! As far as a devotional, I got 'the confident woman devotional' by joyce meyer for Christmas and I'm pretty excited about it!

  4. Great Goals!!! and very similar to mine! I will definitely be linking up with you soon! When will the link up close?

  5. I love the short term goal idea! I've been using the She Reads Truth devotional a for a little over a year now and it's such a joy to start my day with. Google them :-)

  6. these are all totally doable goals!! T25 is such a great workout :) i love that he kills you in only 25mins.

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I get Internet Cafe Devotions sent to my inbox every day and I love them!