Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Clean Eating

What is clean eating? There are SO many different opinions out there! Now, I am not nutritionist, but from what I have learned and read and experienced clean eating is cutting out process foods and eating "natural" things. 

Clean Eating is not:
- Only eating fruits and veggies
- Never eating any chips, pretzels, etc
- No sweets
- Everything should be served raw
- No carbs

Those are the major misconceptions I had about clean eating, buts its NOT TRUE! 

The next couple of blogposts I will dedicate to breaking the Myth! 

You DO NOT need to eat only fruits and veggies! Although they are definitely good for you, they are not the only thing your body needs! Especially if you are working out, your body NEEDS protein and carbs! Eating clean means that you are putting in GOOD fats, proteins, and carbs into your body! For example: I have a whole wheat piece of toast (complex carb) with one egg white and one whole egg (protein) and avocado (good fat) for breakfast every morning! I threw on some tomatoes for some extra flavor! 

As far as fruits and veggies go, try to buy them fresh! If frozen, they can lose some nutrients, but for the most part they are okay! I buy frozen vegetables sometimes because of the convince :) Canned veggies and canned fruit is not your best option! They can be full of salt and sugar to prevent the vegetable and fruit from going bad! 

Just remember: Fresh is better! 

What is your favorite breakfast? Favorite food? Is it clean? How could you make it clean!?

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  1. If I could only eat fruits and veggies to eat clean I would never even try it! I love me some carbs and protein lol. And I'm not sure where I read/heard this but I thought frozen fruits and veggies are actually a good choice and that they don't lose their nutrients. Maybe that piece of information is false though. Definitely hate that when you don't know what's true and what's not when you read something.

  2. LOVE this! We've been working on keeping more fresh foods in the house and not eating as many frozen lunches at work. I love that we feel better after eating fresh :)

    Green Fashionista