Monday, December 7, 2015

The Tough Stuff

The holidays can be the HARDEST time for people to set and maintain fitness goals! Even I am REALLY struggling right now! Thank goodness for my challengers and challenge group because they are the ONLY thing holding me accountable! 

All I want in my life is some fried food and cookies!! haha but I saw this the other day and truer words could not be spoken:

Not that fitness is a competition, but I am a competitive person, so every time I don'twant to go to the gym for those 30 minutes or I want to stop for some french fries I just think about all the people who ARE doing it, and how I am bettering my body! 

The struggle is real! However, there is no need to wait till January 1st! You can start now! Even if its just breakfast, or a snack, or walking for 20 minutes! Anytime you do something you haven't been doing, you are making progress! You are making a better, healthier, and happier you :) 

What do you struggle with!?



  1. I definitely struggle with eating too many sweets! I'm so picky that if none of our dinner choices sound appealing I'd rather just have a milkshake!

  2. I struggle with saying no to Mountain Dew and convenience food. Especially when I don't want to cook so I think about how awesome it is to be able to call for pizza or Chinese and have it delivered right to my door already made and ready to eat.

  3. that is so true... i don't like to compete or compare myself to anyone but myself... and myself needs to get off the couch a bit more haha. i'm really struggling with all the holiday snacks right now, so bad!

  4. The struggle is definitely real, and I find myself intaking a lot more calories than usual this time of year with all the parties and events which mean dips/treats/fried foods/alcohol. And I don't like to deprive myself and want to enjoy the holidays. So, I just try to keep up with my workouts, and I find that lunch time workouts are the best way to squeeze them in during this busy time of year.

    Green Fashionista