Monday, November 30, 2015

My Fitness and Health Journey--it aint easy!

Time for a little interview about me! 

Beachbody is a health and fitness program. It combines a pre-made fitness proram with a nutrition plan. The goal is to eat clean 80% of the time and workout 5 times a week depending on your program. All you have to do is follow what they tell you! 

I got started in Beachbody a few years ago when I did the Isanity program! I lost 19lbs in that program. I then did the T-25 program! The results were seriously amazing. 

The problem was that I did the fitness program, I stuck with the nutriton, but I quickly came up with many excuses to go back to my old habits! To head back through the drive through and to skip workouts! I had NO accountability! Clearly the program works! I just wasn't holding myself accountable! 

I wanted to be healthy again, I wanted to be that girl in the picture at top! The one who put in the 30 minutes a day to workout and ate healthy 80% of the time! I wanted to get off my blood pressure medicine, I didn't want to follow in my family's footsteps of heart issues! I wanted to be an EXAMPLE! I never was the healthy girl, I never was the fit and skinny girl, I just wanted to look in the mirror and be proud of what I saw! This is MY body! Its my responsibility to take care of it! I had to make a change! I had to get back to that girl and I knew that the ONLY program that worked for me was Beachbody. I tried gym memberships, weight watchers, classes, etc. This was it! This was easy to fit in my schedule and it worked! 

Like I said before, the program worked, I just didn't have the accountability! My friend Krista got me set up on a program called Bodybeast. She started something called a challenge group. This was a group on Facebook that I checked into daily. She also posted some awesome tips, recipes, and health tricks to keep me on track! Everyday I posted how I did with my eating, water intake, and workout! It truly motivated me! I knew that everyday I had to post so I wanted to make sure I could say that I completed everything I had to! Yes, there are days where I don't do it, I am human, but this group gave me the accountability to finish what I started, to reach my goals! 

This was my result! 

Once I saw these results I wanted to help others reach their goals! This seriously was because I stuck to a 30 minute workout 6 days a week, ate clean 80% of the time, and had a coach that kept me accountable! All I did was purchase this workout, made an investment in my health and well being, and BAM I knew I wanted to help other people do this! I wanted to get other people to their goals! Since then I have had even more progress! I also reached Emerald which means I have other people who coach under me! 

If you want help reaching your goals, my coaching is FREE! I want to inspire others, I want to help you reach your goals! I will work with you to find a program that works for you! I can help you get results! I know how it feels to constantly try to diet, try a new workout, THIS IS NOT A DIET! It changed my life! Now my JOB is to inspire you and help you change yours :) 

Contact me by commenting below or email me for questions! I have some amazing challengers with amazing results! 

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  1. Accountability is key! It is so easy to rationalize poor food choices when you think no one else will know or to skip a workout when no one knows you were supposed to do one. That has always been my biggest struggle. I am so excited to see where this challenge group takes me!