Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Myth Three-No Sweets

Yes, its true, clean eating means cutting down on the amount of sugar you eat, but not cutting it out! EVERYTHING IS OKAY IN MODERATION! 

If you completely cut something out of your diet, you crave it more! I tried it before, no sugar and I seriously thought I was going to die! Suddenly, the Three Musketeers bar that I never liked looked absolutely delicious and I began noticing all the donut stores on every corner. 

Instead there are three options to still get our sugar fill!

1) Use natural sugars to substitute! I like to use honey :) I still make cookies using whole wheat but I use honey to replace sugar! The Fixate cookbook through beach body has some AWESOME desert recipes! One of my favorite things to make make is an all natural peanut butter oat bar! I use oats, all natural peanut butter, honey, and butter. I will post the recipe if you all would like it! 

2) Eat natural sugars! Anytime I get the craving for something sweet I cut up and apple or banana and sprinkle some cinnamon on it! This definitely helps me with my sugar intake because I know what I am eating is natural sugars---hence part of clean eating! 

3) Shakeology: These shakes have helped me out tremendously! They are full of super foods and all natural items! I drink one everyday for lunch. I have made peanut butter chocolate, caramel latte, pumpkin pie, strawberry vanilla, and many other flavors. Since drinking these shakes I rarely crave a sugary snack, and let me tell you I use to have a sugar snack EVERY NIGHT! 

Share with me! What are some of your favorite sugar-free snacks! How do you get rid of your sugar cravings!? 

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas for taking care of your sweet tooth. I couldn't agree more that cutting something completely out of your diet makes you crave it more. It's almost like you want it just because you "can't have it."