Monday, November 2, 2015

My story

I just finished my VERY first Beachbody Challenge group! It was 21 days of clean eating, shakeology, and following a workout program! I am currently doing Bodybeast which is a weight lifting program but following the 21 day fix eating guide! 

I honestly am not the person to post pictures of myself in a bikini but I am so proud of my results! 

I never weigh myself so I am not sure on the exact pounds lost but you can SEE this works! I was so excited to do a before and after shot and the best part is that its not over! I can't wait to take another on December 1st! 

In November I am offering some free coaching and accountability! I am running a fee 5 day clean eating challenge AND a 21 day fix challenge that starts and ends before Thanksgiving! If you are interested let me know! These results only took ONE month :) 
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  1. Congrats on those fantastic results girl! You can definitely see that it works.